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i borrowed some words and hear is what they said.

Peace Loving Singing Soul

save life

we prepare in a frenzy of observations

with spellbound words the truth began clearing

the magic of life to recoil to recognate

to resonate the challenge reflected in music

Forever insight inside the minds searching eye.

Loved lives with joy inside behold our world

Souls tremble calmly the center of Truth

Feelings reactions the song of the spirit

Composition within chaos song within sound

silent witness rising internal song rising.

Safe from darkness souls remained rising

Shine the light of awareness wish upon love.

I am the life the freedom touching integrity

becoming silent hiding dreams. I am each Truth

Soul of Light the Way of lifes dreamtime song

Life listened reached forward to light the future

With song whispered into the flames that grew in intensity.

Words rise above on each breath lesson learned.

Spirit dance upon the flames, sing believe in the words

lights my heart, illumination in the waters Soul held inside

Life grew silent as the flames grew louder perpetually dissatisfied.

All eyes were caught by untarnished edge of the fire of Truth

Silence everyone silence it is time for the the heavy sword

cutting a path through broken Soul.

Rise Remembering living dream sweet heart`s longing.

Love for your dream adventure have touched the centre without moving

with joy can dance with wildness fill the limitations and reach beyond

Human being human be true to yourself your own soul see Beauty

Source your own life from this the edge in the centre of time.

Inside in the empty moments Energy flows Everything is energy.

Waiting to happen

life will find a way to manifest focus, and dream new futures.

Constant vibrations the universe responds in time current reality

observe Blessings create everything that you love

Realize the nature of exchange Giving and Receiving

Life gift of will ever given preceded you.

Everything in life countless exchanges

challenges expending effort giving life

deep inside the living form the living song

Sings from life to life listening soul dance

Inside liquid crystal city the music resonates

We change and exchange the song

each emotion all at one time we sing

The more we exchange the more we achieve

Fulfilling potential meaningful fulfillment

Happiness the paradox

in nature all that is given is returned to nature

This is the nature of natures generosity

the more she is given the kinder she grows

Expecting with joy the life you give

Your giving will reflect upon yourself

again after-all within these emotions

The soul seeks the love in the song

searching the deeper harmony.

Ultimately tremendous expectation

At the core of all giving is compassion

Music will flow through you in abundance

Flows back into your life circulating into lives

Listening to the illusion of time thinking moments

past, present and future unite us universal peerage

Everything NOW back to the source we are together

Remember sources within sources the source of life

dream your future together with all that lives

Our music in voice & we sing from the love of song

All we ask is for life to be given life to love and live

Universe within universe within universe how we have grown

Within our song the wish to rise to freedom united

Dream it now experience exist in your future

no separation of time, everything happens now!

Truly live present imaginary future life supremely

Every situation occurs in timeless awareness in flow.

You are one with life source for eternity now choose to live

Observe escape the present moment in the present moment.

Experiencing now Cosmic Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy

With certainty and clarity exact instruction over infinite choices

Consistently the future is just an illusion that exists in continuum

Going as far as possible, without surrender bringing love to life.

Changing fortunes of time perennial gracefully surrendering

To nurture spirit to be a child of the awakened universe

Universe is unfolding giving pathways of vision and insight

Just as it should. The noisy confusion of life seeks peace

And keeps peace so the musical soul can sing in love

Finding sanctuary in what is still our beautiful world.

A new path of love and light, choosing wakeful vision

purpose in our unique ways truly have to share

Believe in yourself Life is an ever unfolding of the infinite

Generation within generation in peace feel in the vastness of being

when lost first find your self find yourself then find someone else

You will know you are home when you love one another

limitless nature gives lifes meaning so close hidden So silent.

Musics illusion of infinity Live in this moment & next breath of truth

spiritual mystery tour, paradigm shift, static exodus unbridled Unity

Each vision to each light one candle open our eyes Mother Earth

Reason free the knowledge the Truth to imagine living exploration

Breathing Truth We struggle with the spirit of unconscious cruelty

Sufferings our duty recognize sister life extend our circle of light

Compassion all living humanity find peace in Civilizations shadow

Now Ancient Flower of Light Dreams hope beautiful people

Energy giving influence all the world teaching awareness

Love patiently within the way Guide limitless nature

We define expressed Universal Love connects us all as one

Courage No matter Try again TRUST paradoxically

Find joy little voice beautiful mission

minds freedom spirituality.

The legend of love still goes on...

Life is an ever unfolding river

tears falling up from the ocean of the infinite.

Why capture the world seen overall

So all informs identifying World views

generation to generation shaped by peace identifying

the tension that creates yourself in the vastness knowing

born with whirlwinds, crushing rock and swirling seas.

Born to sing destiny educated souls wildness allowed

in an imperfect world perfect colleagues,

flawless Overcoming living in harmony

We agree friction-free intuitive love molding

sensing it is our time to change Source

Weigh in words our incessant everything

In balance and natural overunity

Everyone is perfect imperfect perfection

Teaching compassionate presence realize immunity

sweet musics anticipation for sweet music

praise adoration the orchestra interpreted

expectation energy exact attitude curiosity

Acceptance fascinated compels to Understand

Everyone has Virtues in In every area of life

co-operate collaborate harmonizing

Time to reflect on keeping vision

learn life will surprise expectations

Love One and All

everything trace yourself.

Otherwise recognize feelings this inner emotional

first truly deep spiritual point freely

Towards freedom

Remember recognize kindness

time Every time a moments reflection

Your own beautiful learning humanity

become willing wish inner mirror

See singing soul forgive silence magnify

Life choose to see accentuating beauty

soul light shines truth magnificence

Mirror pure soul essential goodness

one mirror see beauties vision

Creates thoughts feelings beliefs

accepting consider occurred

Made from time to time here

will be exceptions we

Honest image positive

Intentionally wise





Inner Strength can cure Soul knows

GROW to share life!! While You wonder moments


Always Believe, departe de lucrurile

Dreams happy sometime in the midst of it one

LIFE fantastic loves๏ปฟ

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