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While the Android community celebrates the FCC's ruling in favor of free tethering (especially those in the VZW camp), there's more to the story.  Much more.  And it's not necessarily good.

Columnist Andrew Krug breaks down the issue in grueling detail, all the way down to where the FCC left Verizon Wireless room to strangle its customers even further.  Remember the locked Samsung Galaxy SIII and its unlocked, straight-from-Samsung counterpart?  Expect to pay more from now on for the right to have your device the way you want it - if Verizon even authorizes it to operate on their network in the first place.
A Missed Opportunity By The FCC In Ruling Against Verizon For almost a year and a half, I have been trying to raise awareness about an issue involving Verizon Wireless. The issue revolves around the ...
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I worked with +Azrienoch Jeff Smith  on that article +Ben Murphy and it was really one of the catalysts to getting the issue to wider audience and expanded the discussion. I can only imagine the amount of complaints the FCC received via Jeff's article and links. He deserves enormous credit for pushing the issue further in to the light. 
+Andrew Krug that is why I posted a link to his article, so people would see that there was talk about this long ago and give credit where credit is due. Thanks for your help as well
I included a link to his article in the body of mine. Click on the "other sites picked it up" link. 
+Andrew Krug Sorry I missed that link. Thanks for pointing it out. I was going thought it quickly and for what ever reason thought that it was just bold text. #facepalm  
Ha ha no worries. Jeff and I spent a lot of time researching the topic together (as noted in paragraph four of his article). More so than with my prior articles on the subject prior. Jeff is a real champion of the open source community. I don't think the topic would have got the traction it did without him. 
I enjoyed watching his videos, hate he does not do more now.
Well, FU very much, Verizon.

You need to be beaten down... with dump pipes... until you submit and become just a dumb pipe.

Too bad FCC wasn't man enough to deliver you the smackdown you deserved.  The penalty for these flagrant violations should not have been $1.5M: it should have been the rescinding of your C-Block license.  FCC should give it to Google, who you outbid, since you did not keep your promises.
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