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Peppers, cinnamon, and now saltine crackers. What will we make Michael eat next?
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Hey Michael you should try out this game for rage quit. I'm sure you'll "love" it. The game is called "Everybody Edits". website is . hope to see you play it some time soon.
They should make Michael play Bee Movie the game for Rage Quit. I nearly killed myself playing that game, so i wonder what Michael will do.
Haha. They should make Geoff eat one of those.
+Ajay Kunapuli I dunno, I would hate to be the reason Geoff quits RT... that might just be a deal-breaker.
Well I bet Gus would do it without quitting.
Michael should play Project Zomboid. A game designed to kill you? Michael's worst enemy, lol
Hey I would love it if Jack and Geoff gave me a shout out on fails or achievment pig/horse of the week. Thanks
dont forget about the giant jelly bear
And now Gavin has done the cinnamon challenge...ew...
Haha no prob :P they're all great
Michael is one of the funniest members of roosterteeth
maybe he can eat a mini GAVIN made of cake
Michael's a boss.

Well I love rooth teeth and when I see this lol so hart I cry .

That made absolutely no sense.
Don't be sorry!

Yeah, I got nuthin'.

Yeah, I just went there.
How about Michael eats something exotic, like those fried insects from Asia? Or maybe the blue stuff that dentists put on your teeth to polish em, the gritty stuff that tastes like shoe polish mixed with sand? I don't think its toxic, but better get a fact-check on that prior to Michael earning another $100
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