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roopjith vasudevan
Web developer | CSS/JS/HTML
Web developer | CSS/JS/HTML

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Anyone getting issues with chrome print/save to pdf ?

After recent update, print preview fits to half of the page instead of full page. Was working fine before that. Looks small now.

Same page's print preview works fine in other browsers.

Is it chrome or is it my code? 😩

Any advice?

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#css  rocking
Thought provoking CSS art exhibition about different species and the threat of extinction. Beautifully made, turn the volume up and dive in.

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Lasers. A sharp focused light that you're afraid will cut through your hand if not held properly. But Star Wars aside, what are lasers? Why can some cut metal will others can be safely used on just about anything? The answer is in the name. (Mostly) Laser stands for Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, and that's almost exactly what it is. 

Light is caused by the loss of energy when electrons move closer to the nucleus. When an atom is given energy, the electrons move further away from the nucleus. When they decide to relax, the energy  in the electrons is emitted in the form of photons. In a normal flashlight, the light is then sent out one end of the flashlight. In lasers, the emission of radiation, or photons, is stimulated by a flash tube which sends pulses of light into the lasing medium. The lasing material is the material that undergoes energy shifts to release photons. The lasing medium has a mirror on either end, one on the side that light come out of, and one on the opposite side. The mirror on the side the light come out of is called a half-silvered mirror. It allows some, but not all of the light to escape. The photons that are reflected by these mirrors go on to knock out more photons from the atoms that are continuously energized by flashes of light from the flash tube. The photons take the wavelength and direction of the photon that knocked them out, and in this way form a whole colony of monochromatic, or same wave-lengthed, coherent, or in synced, and directional, or focused, light. Some of the light is released out of one side of the laser, and voila! The laser is complete. 

There are many different types of lasers, most of which have been crucial the development of technology. They use all types of light, from infrared to ultraviolet. Some are used to read DVDs and others are used to cut metal. Because a laser's light is purely one wavelength, it can accomplish a huge variety of different tasks. 

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Hi guys,

Can anyone tell if a pdf can be converted to flipbook using php, ie when pdf read with php, will we get the complete styles from pdf  as it is?

Or any plugin in wordpress?

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... I accept nothing! ; )

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