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Sold out in Tulsa ! Just got the word. Home towns can be tough. RD
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Every one who works on the road loves to come home. It's just what makes us who we are. Families, Neighbours, and helping out when a man can. It's just what God says we should do. maybe hard but so worth it. I would always return to my home by the ocean. God I used to love coming home after time out there on the road. Sometimes just for a day then someone would need something somewhere up North of the arctic circle and we used to get all the tough loads and roads. sittin on the roadside listening to a favorite sopng and checking out the rig. Watching bears lollygaging on a mountain, or a herd of elk enough so you couldn't move for an hour till they went by. Just things that a man should see once in his life. Go home Kiss the wife Man, lots of time to make some cash. just do what your heart says is right.
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