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last comment of the night...the guys running for office are using the TAX issue as a smoke screen to try to get cheap votes. Almost 50% of the people in America pay NO taxes at all. ***Food for thought : What if every one of the 1% got in their cars (?) and drove over to the MOST impoverished part of their towns / cities and randomly, handed out $1,000,000 in one hundred dollar bills...spend it however you see fit. Now, fast forward one year. What does it look like ? Remember the $600 Economic Stimulus checks that the Gov't sent out around the last election ? That really turned the economy around, didn't it ! Don't let these guys con you, despite how charismatic or smart or, media savvy they appear to be. The 1% already pay 30% plus. Warren Buffet is an anomaly. He made so much that he donated billions to charity and offset his tax liability. America needs new jobs, entrepreneurs and innovators. They don't live in Washington, D.C. What America needs are more unemployed politicians !
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Taxes are a big issue for everybody but saying that "50% of the people in America pay no taxes at all" is Far from true. Here, have a read...

We all (people on both sides of the political isle) want fairness in Taxation, but making claims like that are simply not true. You have done well and that's a good thing. But chances are you have paid FAR more in taxes than both candidates for president and you have an accountant. Their are problems in Washington. Of that there is no doubt. But we as Americans must look at our problem and solve them together. I have been watching the Ken Burns documentary "the Civil war" as of late and one comment that was made was extremely true about the way things are going today. The Individual said (and i'm paraphrasing) the thing that has made America great is our ability to compromise. People like to believe that America was made great by merely our resolve and we as American standing steadfast, but really it is our ability to compromise. And during the civil war that is what was broken. Our ability to compromise. I personally see that today in this country. We have chosen our own battle lines and many refuse to budge. The one thing I think we must begin to remember is that we are ALL Americans and in the words of Ben Franklin " We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

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Everyone needs to pay taxes. it's what keeps a country alive and without it it falls apart. Maybe not today, but sure as heck it will fall apart. Everyone does their part and it helps them lower the cost of livin for those that don't make as much, or allows them to be treated by a doctor, or get glasses when they need them, or a place to live if they lose their own home. Or better yet hel;p keep them in their homes. Remember that war so long ago in America where they got tired of paying high taxes and decided that a revolution was required. Well when the rich don't pay it's kind of like them being the people collecting all that tax money and keeping it. Rights doesn't mean you allow people to lose their living or homes or even closing down whole towns.
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