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Roman Nurik
Designer @ Google · Android Developer
Designer @ Google · Android Developer


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Listen to the latest Method podcast:

In this episode, +Liam Spradlin interviews #Firebase designer +Roman Nurik about everything from density to #MaterialDesign, developer UX, design systems, and the time-saving potential of tooling:

"I love building tools that empower the designer to tell a computer how to do something. Literally anything that can save time for designers, I try to do."

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Great stuff +Liam Spradlin​!
We've just launched Design Notes, a new podcast about creative work and what it teaches us. In the first episode, +Liam Spradlin talks to object and furniture designers Talbot & Yoon about making play a central tenet of the design process, how design helps build identity, and more.

Listen to the episode and subscribe:
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Introducing Shape Shifter v1.0,

For the past 2 months I've been working tirelessly on merging Shape Shifter and +Roman Nurik Android Icon Animator tool into a single web app. Today I am finally ready to release Shape Shifter v1.0, which provides the following features:

* Build layered vector graphics using groups, paths, and clip paths. (
* Create property animations for each individual layer and organize them via a timeline. (
* Edit the individual properties of each layer/property animation by hand and view how they affect the rendered result. (
* Create path morphing animations even if the path strings are incompatible. Shape Shifter will detect whether the path strings are incompatible and will prompt you to either “auto fix” the paths or to fix them by hand. ( Note that pretty much all of the functionality that existed in previous versions of this tool is hidden behind that “edit paths” button in the screenshot, so don’t miss it! :)
* Export the resulting animation to SVG, VectorDrawable, AnimatedVectorDrawable, and SVG spritesheet format (CSS keyframes coming soon).

In addition to these features, Shape Shifter can also be used as a SVG-to-VectorDrawable converter (better than most of the existing conversion tools out there IMO).

It is also a great educational tool for teaching Android developers about AnimatedVectorDrawables (i.e. the layers make up the VectorDrawable specified in the <animated-vector android:drawable=“…”> attribute and the animation blocks are the AVD’s <target> nodes).

There are several demos available to try under “File” —> “Demo”. If you want to create your own icon animations, I recommend downloading/importing some SVGs from and seeing what you can come up with.

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting more documentation/videos illustrating how to use the tool. Until then, I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions/ideas for further improving the tool!

Live version:
Video tutorial:
Source code:
Intro to icon animations:
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Excited for the new API!
What's Next for the Muzei Plugin API: Modernization
I firmly believe that Muzei's plugin API for providing your own wallpapers is a critical part to what makes Muzei what it is and about 35% of users take advantage of it to customize their Muzei wallpaper.

For better or worse, the actual MuzeiArtSource API has not evolved since its humble beginnings (in many ways, because of how excellent it was from day 1). As Android has evolved, it has become clear that many of the choices made back in the KitKat era are no longer the best practices.

This means that the plugin API is long overdue for some serious modernization. This will require significant work on Muzei's side and will require changes on the plugin's side as well.

As I said in the blog post: "But you know what? I’m up for it. Let’s make it so that if you hit the ‘Next Artwork’ button, it actually works every time. Let’s make it so that users aren’t surprised by large amounts of data usage coming from Muzei or its plugins. Let’s make it so that Muzei and its plugins are well set up to be good Android citizens and provide the best experience without affecting the overall system health or battery life."

If you're a plugin developer, I'd love to look through your current plugin code - send a link or the source code itself to

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Open source Material Components for Android, iOS, and web!

In case you haven't already seen the github repos, there are open source material components available for Android, iOS, and web! The site (above) just got updated today with a whole bunch of info about the components, how to use them, and how to contribute to them.

I'm super excited to see this much love being put into material components for the three biggest platforms at once. Try them out and let us know what you think 😀 💚

#uiux #materialdesign #design #android #ios #web #webdesign
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Thanks for the #Muzei shout out +Nick Butcher on being a 'Uniquely Android' experience! Makes a great video companion to +Roman Nurik's blog post on the same subject:

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Introducing ShapeShifter v0.1

For the past couple of months I've been working on a web app that simplifies the process of creating SVG-based path morphing animations.

Try it out and let me know if you have any trouble. If you don't have your own SVGs to use, click on that three-dotted icon in the top right corner and play around with one of the demos. :)

I'm especially interested in how I can make this tool more useful for UXers (who are usually the ones creating SVGs in the first place)... so please send me feedback! I'm also interested in supporting other export formats other than AnimatedVectorDrawable... send me feature requests!

Live version:

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Don't miss the call for submissions at the end! Long live #ADiA 😁
In this first edition of Design Snippets, we explore how an email app called Notion successfully onboards users through user education, casual and friendly language, and sensitivity to user context.

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Muzei 2.3 is now available
Over a year in the making, I'm thrilled to say that Muzei 2.3 is now live and available to all on the Google Play Store!

Read the blog post to learn about the new features and the many improvements in this release including:
- Switch to Android 6.0+ runtime permissions
- Improved reliability and memory usage (consider turning off background optimizations on your art source if you continue to have issues)
- Gallery extension supports adding entire folders on Android 5.0+
- 'Next Artwork' Quick Settings tile
- Direct boot support
- 'Artwork info' app shortcut on Android 7.1+
- New Muzei DocumentsProvider for selecting past artwork

Download it now:

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