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I've finally gotten around to setting up a monthly automatic gift. I'm going to guess that most of my friends use Wikipedia less frequently than I do, but it's probably worth considering.
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Roland Turner

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For the amusement of several persons, a slightly rambling discussion on sensor networks, Hackerspaces, etc.
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Roland Turner

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Helping a telemarketer.
Today is a good day. I just had a call from a telemarketer. Did I yell and scream at them, you ask? Certainly not. Like a good IT administrator I put my skills to use for their benefit. Here's how the conversation went:

Computer: "Press 9 to not be contacted in the future. Press 4 to speak to someone about your mortgage issues"
<presses 4>
TM: "Hello, are you having problems paying your mortgage?"
Me: "Hi, this is the IT department. We intercepted your call as we detected a problem with you phone and need to fix it."
TM: "Oh... ok, well what do we need to do?"
Me: "We're going to need to fix the settings by pressing 4-6-8 and * at the same time"
TM: "Ok, nothing happened."
<alright, so he's not using a Polycom>
Me: "Are you using the new Polycom phones that we deployed?"
TM: "No, it's a Yealink"
Me: "Ok, I see. You haven't had the new Polycom phone deployed to your desk yet. Let me check our technical documentations for the Yealink."
<did a quick Google search, "yealink phone factory reset">
Me: "Alright, do you see an "OK" button on your phone?"
TM: "Yes I do"
Me: "Alright, you're going to press and hold that button for 10 seconds."
TM: "OK, pressing it now"
Me: "Perfect, let me know if you get a password request"
TM: "OK, nothing has popped up ye----"

That's right. I made a telemarketer unwittingly factory reset his phone which means he will be unable to make anymore calls until someone is able to reconfigure his phone and that will take at least an hour or longer if they can't do it right away!
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(Thanks to Andrew Mc for the link)
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Roland Turner

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I'm pleased to announce that the Yahi haze-mapping pilot is ready to go! If you'd like to host a sensor then please start here.
Yahi Mapping Pilot. The Yahi project has reached the point where I'm ready to roll out ~30 sensors across Singapore. If you'd like to participate then I'd love to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to understand the objectives, requirements and risks and - if you're happy with all of that ...
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Finally doing something about the ridiculous backlog of connection requests from people I may or may not know.
Connecting on Social Network Sites. I have reached the point where I'm receiving numerous friend requests on Facebook and connection requests on LinkedIn from people I don't recognise. I've decided to list as friends on Facebook and connections on LinkedIn only people I've: ...
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Though I accept the text is necessary I'm nonetheless surprised that it's necessary.
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Roland Turner

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Come along and help HackerspaceSG plan our 5th birthday celebrations!
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Roland Turner

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Things I'd Want to Know if I were 20 Today. Roland Turner 28 Aug 2014. This post is an elaboration of a presentation that I gave at INTERNalize on August 16. TL,DR: Health and adaptability are the highest priorities I'd be suggesting to myself if I were 20 years old at present.
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#ISEE3 passed the moon ~12h ago. It's last course-adjustment was in 1987. This is exactly #rocketscience . #awe
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Friends in Singapore who like making stuff: I'll be running the HackerspaceSG booth EN11 at most of Saturday and Sunday. Please drop by!
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Roland Turner

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To the extent that that's true I'm happy to cope with it, but this doesn't even help recruiters. So far as I can tell, it really is about user engagement as part of a "do any amount of harm to keep users on the site" approach.

This is indirectly relevant to recruiters of course.
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Roland Turner

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Part of my ongoing attempt to get a handle on the current wave of tech startup activity.
Capital Requirements for Launching a Venture. This is definitely not an apples-to-apples comparison, but Mindchemy's comparison of the costs of launching a tech startup between 2000 and 2011 and the staggering rate at which it's shrunk prompted me to wonder about how far venture launch costs ...
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I'm an Aussie living in Singapore. My interests are pretty broad, but include:

  • I am Labs Director at TrustSphere where I explore new applications of the company's technology.
  • I've made something of a habit of involving myself in the founding of technical-community organisations:
    • ProgSoc, which is now older than most of its members (!)
    • APANA's Sydney chapter, which has had the good fortune to suceed in making itself obselete by virtue of the problem that it was created to solve ceasing to exist
    • HackerspaceSG, which is alive and well
  • Java and C
  • Email transport, Virtualisation and "Cloud"
  • 3D printing
  • Modern Jive, Salsa, Bachata, ... since about 2000. I was even persuaded to perform and compete a few times in 2009/2010, but now just dance socially.
Outdoors Economics
  • An abiding interest since high-school which currently manifests itself as an occasional blog post.

  • UTS
Basic Information
  • TrustSphere
    Director, Labs, present
  • IBM
  • Exotech
  • Todaytech
  • Discreet
  • Integra
  • CounterSnipe
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