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Wow. Just wow. This is some next level science fiction right here.

If my thrusters are at zero, I have to self-destruct right?
Doesn't seem to be any way out of this pickle.

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The Space Muppets fly again!
Hey everybody, what is going on?

I've been flying a python for a while and had the conda recommended as being a straight upgrade, although first impressions are mixed.

Any outfitting advice while I get to grips with this beast?

Looking for a wing and a prayer right now.

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Hey everybody what is going on? I've just got back from the Eagle races and I've got to say, the eagle is a fast ship but maybe not as robust as you might like...

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After much delay I've finally put the flight hours into the python and I've got to say its a great flight and I really surprised myself with how much I like the ship.

Have you taken the python for a spin or did you overlook it? Did you find you enjoyed it as much as me or did the versatility get in the way of your desire for a more specialist ship?

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Hey everybody - how are you flying? Are you a lone wolf, a pack-hunter or a convoy?
In this weeks pilot academy I thought I'd cover the different roles I've encountered in the void and the benefits they bring to the wing.

How often do you fly solo and do you go for random pick-up-wings?

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Hey everybody, what are you flying? A recent disaster in a vulture has set me thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of the ship that used to be top of my list.

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Radio Charades!
This week join the new face of radio for translation typos and shakespearian bombast as they try to make sense of current events before they grow old.

This week on Radio Charades!
Owen and Toby talk about the creative process, have trouble saying goodbye, and a sprinkling of topical news.

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