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I couldn't come up with a concept for Ludum Dare 21's theme that excited me, so I just started using the time to experiment with random tech ideas I'd had instead.

I had still hoped to make something playable for the Ludum Dare competition or jam, but the game I ended up tinkering with was too much for 48 hours.

I wanted to see if it was feasible to make a turn-based game in Unity by simply setting the time scale to 0 when entering commands, and to a positive value when playing out the results. It worked fine, and I even got it to smoothly fade in and out of the time freezing. The nice thing about doing it this way is you can get all the satisfying, subtle interactions of a physics engine, but the tactical controls of a turn-based game.

The game was supposed to be a space combat game, inspired by the articles on theoretical present day space combat by +Joseph Shoer. If it worked, the hope was that it could also be used in the future as a base for a Space Rangers style living galaxy simulator.

I got as far as being able to queue up commands to a single ship for shooting, thrusting, or facing in a direction or towards a point in space, and then watching them play out. But I'd say I'm probably not even halfway to something that you could judge as being no fun.

You can have a poke at it here:

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No. I think I'm going to try to tidy up what I have so far and make it presentable by the end of today, though.
Looks and sounds like a game I would LOVE to play. =)
Very cool. I did much the same thing in Flash to make my turn-based game, except I don't think there's a timestep there per se, so I made my own, synchronized to player step.
turn-based + physics sounds awesome.
Wait, this is actually pretty fun. I am enjoying this. Shoot! Thrust! Defend! ... I feel like shooting should alter the movement too in the reverse direction,
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