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As I'm doing my testing of #MountainLion, I wanted to see if other early adopters had encountered any of these issues:

• Have you seen any changes in your laptop's battery life since upgrading to Mountain Lion? On a MacBook Air, it dropped by a bit over an hour in my first test, the night after installing ML.

• How is it doing at recognizing your printers? My copy doesn't seem to see the Canon WiFi printer/scanner that works, sort of, in Lion (except when it returns some idiotic "communication error" to the Mac).

• Any crashes or freezes? I had it fail to come out of sleep once--the cursor would appear for a moment on a black screen, then nothing would happen--but that's it so far.

• How do you grade the accuracy of the dictation? 

• Does it seem faster? Snappier, even? 

Other comments welcome, of course. 
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"Dropped by an hour" ... do you mean an hour less the prior to the OS change? That's not good. My MB Air's battery life is not that good to start with. Might be good for 2.5 h.

The dictation won't work for me... says Canadian English not supported!

Can't say it seems faster. 

Haven't checked printers, esp. wifi printers yet. 

Can't get browser window to snap to full-screen size. That's annoying.

I'm really hard-pressed to wonder what I've gained here. AirPlay won't (apparently) work for me as "late 2010" doesn't cut the mustard apparently for that utility.
Yes, one hour less: 8:39 under Lion, 7:19 with ML. I'm not ruling out day-one optimization processes affecting that figure, though--I'll repeat the test tonight.
Definitely snappier performance, especially on my iMac, which was a slug on Lion.
I'm afraid the days of 8h battery life on this MB Air have faded into oblivion. This unit came with a defective charger that appears to have damaged the battery. Apple denies this possibility but I've read of enough other instances to know that this isn't an aberration. 
Amyn M
My 2011 MBP feels snappier. Haven't used Dictation much but it worked fine when I did. Safari doesn't work on the NBC Olympics site to watch streaming video. Using the same login information, Firefox authenticates without problem and streams video. Mailhub and Attachment Tamer ( "tools") were disabled upon launch but I expected that. No crashes or freezing of any kind so far. Printed fine to a QL-500 label printer. Ditto for my networked Brother MFC. I'm pretty pleased so far.
I won't get my copy until the new Mini comes in a couple weeks.  My current, mid-2006, iMac won't run it.
Rob, any thoughts of why RSS dropped in Mail and Safari?  This is an issue in our house....
im using a 2011 MBP and for me battery life actually increased with ML (than Lion), I can get more than 7 hours with chrome and MS word active at the same time, still looking for some more formal tests. My brother wifi printer does work after software update. Only Notes crashed for once but working fine til now. Dictation is quite sensitive (especially I'm not a native speaker) and as far as i know dictation has learning function to adapt to your voice with use. My suggestion is to wait till the hard drive finish indexing and do a software update. If the issues still not resolved you could try a fresh install, since almost everyone I know who install Lion by upgrade experience serious battery problems but those bought their computer with lion preinstalled were quite happy with it. Hope this helps.
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