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So here's a serious little G+ fail: If you share a link from your phone, it doesn't get the usual thumbnail preview and, at least the last time I tried, loses any description you enter. But you can't edit it later on to fix those problems. Not helpful.
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On my Samsung Charge, I can tag people in comments and see the link while I'm writing it, but then the comment later will always show the +username without it being linked.
I believe I have the same experience on my phone as well. Annoying.
I've noticed that too. In retesting it in Chrome, I noticed that it generates the preview when I paste a URL into the "Share what's new..." box, but not when I type a URL. I tried both typing and pasting in Mobile Safari on my iPad, and neither generates the preview. My first guess was that iOS wasn't firing onpaste, but I checked, and it is.
Not sure I've ever tried that, but this phone isn't a great platform anyway. At least the G+ app doesn't crash the way FB does.
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