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Cool! The Homebrew Robotics Club video is up! My presentation is right at the beginning, check it out! :)

HomeBrew Robotics Club - April 25, 2012 - Show and Tell
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It might be possible to run ROS on something like a Raspberry Pi, which would be small enough and cheap enough to add on to small robots.
God it isn't even out yet! MAYBE it will.
It'll almost certainly be possible, just keep in mind that your CPU power is roughly on par with a 300 MHz Pentium II.
And it's only 256MB RAM, so by PC standards it's low powered, but by microcontroller standards its a supercomputer.
The boy genius was cute. The snap electronics use is very cool.
Cool to see the presenter being amazed when he finds out you're RobotGrrl. LOL
You are famous!!!!

Great presentation. A bit quiet and nervous, but great none the less.
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