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Real Estate scams and helpful tips for closing them down from +Robert Siciliano. 
In this post, you will find what you need to know about the current expensive closing scams in real estate plus five ways to protect your sellers.
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Check out Part 1 of our radio interview with Alan from Let’s Talk Computers.
Let's Talk Computers ® ranks as one of the longest-running computer radio talk shows. On the air since 1989, Let's Talk Computers is produced in Nashville, Tennessee. Let's Talk Computers is broadcast via radio to stations across the United States and to colleges and universities everywhere. Any of our current and past interviews can also be heard anytime anywhere via the Internet.
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Since months I get this message when trying to activate Roboform in Google chrome:
"can not load roboform password manager (version here)"
It's really annoying
My System: Windows 10 Enterprise, latest chrome version
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Looking to make your life easier this holiday season? Here's how RoboForm can help! 
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"If your password is breached, you might rant and rave and curse the breached company, but at least you can change the password and resume normal life. In the supposed utopia in which biometrics have replaced passwords, breach of your fingerprints leaves you compromised for life."  - Bill Carey, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Roboform
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Ok true, but I have more than 1 finger, and 10 toes if needed. 
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Looking to increase your online security? Check out this quick read from Robert Siciliano. 
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"Passwords are more convenient, less expensive and more flexible than the alternatives." 
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Wondering how to ensure online security at work? Here's how from our VP of Marketing, Bill Carey. 
As security awareness continues to become an increasing focal point for the modern enterprise, security experts need to do everything in their power to sta
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Great information.
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Have them in circles
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Looking to better protect company data? Here are three easy and affordable ways you can do just that. 
Startup entrepreneurs are understandably wary about the possibility of a data breach. Hacking attacks on big companies like Home Depot, Sony, eBay, JP Morgan Chase and others have startup leaders contemplating new ways to protect their own company data. But most startups operate on a shoestring, so hiring an expensive security consultant isn’t possible. It’s …
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Been using RoboForum for years the best way to remember all your Info!
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Do you know how to create a strong password? Check out these helpful tips from VP of Marketing, Bill Carey.  
Bill Carey, VP of Marketing for RoboForm offers these helpful tips and tricks to ensure that your password doesn’t make the annual list of the worst passwords in 2016! 1. Try the ‘First Letter’ method when creating new passw...
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Are you a Realtor? Take it from +Robert Siciliano and learn how RoboForm can help keep you safe. 
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Beef up your RoboForm Everywhere protection with our One Time Password feature (OTP). Now available through email and SMS. 
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I added the SMS to my OTP settings (left the email too) and when logging in from a new iPad it just emailed still. I would like to see it prompt me which source I want the OTP from, and would also like to see it allow for more than just one email or cell phone.
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It is IMMENSELY important for companies to invest in educating and training their employees on cyber security precautions and policies. By not doing so, they risk serious loss. 
Hackers and cyberterrorists have become so adept at cracking firewalls covering the websites of Fortune 500 corporations that companies now need to transition into detection and response efforts, a former assistant director of the FBI told an audience of Las Vegas Sands Corp. employees.
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The World's Top Password Manager Since 1999
RoboForm Password Manager and Form Filler

Since 1999, RoboForm has been the world's leader in password management software. It's now easier than ever to securely login to your favorite websites and applications without having to remember your passwords.

RoboForm Everywhere goes wherever you do, allowing you to securely access your logins from PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones. 
  • Save Time: Easily login to your favorite websites and fill long forms with one click!
  • Enjoy Ultimate Convenience: Remember one master password, RoboForm remembers the rest!
  • Feel Secure: The latest security protects your data and only you can access it.
  • Generate Secure Passwords: Our Password Generator feature creates strong, unique passwords for you, then saves them automatically into your logins.
  • Used by Millions Worldwide: Join the crowd and see what you’ve been missing!

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