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I haven't been here in so long. Apparently, it doesn't quite work like it did when I was last here. Ha!

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Do me a favor and connect with my Earnest Nerd g+ page. 
Thanks in advance. 

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Calling all Bronies

Christ, I never thought I'd be saying that.

I am wishing to incite an onslaught of support for this 9 year old boy (Grayson) who has been bullied at school for carrying a MLP backpack and lunch box. He was told that he is gay and that he should go home and kill himself.

The school has actually forbade the boy from returning to school with the items, and the bullies have not been disciplined in any way. 

Here is alink to the FB page of the news channel too:

The school: 
Candler ELementary School
Phone:(828) 670-5018

Thanks to all of you for helping Grayson.


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I really love this picture.

I propose that over the next two weeks we Zappa all the things. 
I mean, we print a set of predetermined Zappagraphs and take them with us wherever we go and leave them in random, silly places. Snap a  quick pic and share with the community as we can. 

What say you?

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This is curently my #1 favorite old behemoth dictionary, right now.
Over 2400 pages of awesome.
New Century Illustrated
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My contribution to this weeks prompt...
Sagan and I were hiking today, and out of the blue, in the middle of the trail, there were large-ish rocks jutting out with these rather indiscernible fossil patterns. Indiscernible to a non-learned person in the realm of fossils and such, that is. 
I thought it striking, and verily apropos to the prompt.


I have a thing to post, but I cannot get it off my phone! 
Stupid unsync-ed devices. 
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