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Care. Share. Dare.
Care. Share. Dare.

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10 Things to Do This Week (July 20 to 26, 2017)
1. Read a Book We Have No Idea: A Guide to the Unknown Universe by Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson (Age: 14+ years) Ever wondered how large the universe is? Or why time on Earth is different from that in space? Isn’t it sad that 95% of the universe is unknow...

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Books: Jake's Tower by Elizabeth Laird (Age: 11+ Years)
With imagination as his only companion,
Jake builds a make-believe tower to escape
his violent reality. This book takes you into
Jake’s imaginary world where his dreams
help him cope with the cruelty at home. Published by Macmillan Children’s Books and avai...

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The Coco Prize 2017
TEDx Speaker Manish Advani recently announced The Coco Prize 2017. To participate, one has to send an idea and pictures of what one can do with used tender coconut shells. All participants will get a certificate signed by Jason Lewis, a sustainability campa...

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8 No-Flame Recipes for Kids
Cooking with kids not only helps you bond with them, but also improves their motor skills. If your kids enjoy cooking but it scares you to have them near the gas stove, you will love these 8 healthy and tasty no-cook recipes by Chia S...

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10 Things to Do This Week (July 13 to 19, 2017)
1. Read a Book The Panchatantra Teaching Tales of Old India by Narindar Uberoi Kelly and illustrated by Meagen Jenigen The Panchatantra stories are tales told by a wise Brahmin named Pandit Vishnu Sharma, some 2,500 years ago. These stories were part of les...

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Books: Oddbird by Anupa Lal and illustrated by Prabha Mallya (Age: 8+ Years)
This book narrates a heartwarming story
about Oddy, a 3-inch-tall girl raised in a
family of pigeons! Oddy enjoys playing and
spending time with her brother Pikku, a grey
pigeon. She eats grains soaked in water
and moves around on Pikku’s back.  Her life

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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017
Sanctuary Asia has launched the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017. It gives photographers a platform to showcase their talent. The theme for the contest is ‘Call of the Wild’. Last date: August 31, 2017. For information log on to the  website

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Swim Your Way To Good Health: 8 Advantages of Swimming
Did You Know? Swimming is an all-year, low-impact activity that can be practised by any age group. It not only keeps you fit, but also relaxes the mind, aids focus and improves flexibility and coordination. RobinAge speaks to Pooja Arora, a fitness expert a...

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10 Things to Do This Week (July 6 to 12, 2017)
1. Read A Book The Rulebreakers’ Club: The Dog Who Wanted More by Sowmya Rajendran, illustrated by Arun Kumar Kaushik (Age: 9+ Years) This book is about a group of five kids who desperately want a dog but their families won’t let them get one.They decide to...

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Books: How to Be a Mathemagician by Aditi and Sudhir Singha (Age: 10+ Years)
Whether you need to calculate large
numbers, find the value of ‘x’ or figure out
the volume of a cuboid, mathematics always
has a formula. But what if there were simple
shortcuts to help you deal with all those
complex numbers? This book teaches you
how to ...
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