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Mihigo Rugamba
An Avid Reader, Traveller and Technology Enthusiast
An Avid Reader, Traveller and Technology Enthusiast

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Iconic Moments: Arsenal complete season unbeaten

" if P = NP, then the world would be a profoundly different place than we usually assume it to be. There would be no special value in “creative leaps”, no fundamental gap between solving a problem and recognizing the solution once it’s found. Everyone who could appreciate a symphony would be Mozart; everyone who could follow a step-by-step argument would be Gauss ... " - Scott Aaronson

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lol 6days later, after previous g+ post, this is what I got for a fortune cookie! hmm🤒

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Here's song of the week 🤒 #Gold

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getting one of these ML projects 🤓🙏🏼

today, first iPhone 5c screen replacement and 'twas a clean success 🤓🤘🏼

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i'm yet to explore our own Rwanda, after being here for almost a week now and still seems like there's lots more to learn.

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Great weekend back in OKC
OC Graduation | Aug'15
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