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sunset...da casa mia!

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Surf and skate your way from San Diego, USA to Baja, Mexico.

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High in the cliffs we found this Polar Bear looking back to another Polar bear just 50m as well sitting in the cliffs. Found on an island of Svalbard/Norway.
I have seen white Polar Bears as well with yellow touch of color, but this dirty one needs for sure a bath! This dirty Polar Bear is one of my fav of all Polar Bears shots I have :)

This one can be found in my Galleries
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A curious (and non aggressive) black tipped reef shark checks out Alice whilst standup paddleboarding, Moorea, French Polynesia.

This image was captured whilst on location in Tahiti hosting the winner of the Travel Photography Awards . We had many shark swimming experiences throughout the week and I would recommend this to anyone - it is fantastic! 

For this split image I had my D800E in an AquaTech housing. Due to the water diffraction and the “projection” effect of the 8 inch dome port I was using I chose to manually focus my 14mm lens to 0.4 metres before entering the water. 

I shot in aperture priority and chose the small aperture of f16 and ISO 800 to give me the depth of field to capture the underwater and above water subjects both in focus. 
The ISO is selected also allowed a fast shutter speed for the reef sharks which are capable of moving very quickly.

Nikon D800E. Nikkor 14mm prime lens.
Aquatech housing with 8 inch dome port.
ISO 800. F16 at 1/1000 second
Lexar Pro 1000x CF. 
Edited on the new HP Z book with Dreamcolor technology.

Copyright Chris McLennan - 
Feel free to use the share button but no other usage without written consent.

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In fond memory of Canadian snowboarder and all round good guy, Peter Navin.

This image was taken in 1995 at Whakapapa, New Zealand.

It brings backs fond memories of a great man, Peter Navin, who unfortunately passed away over the weekend after ten year battle with a brain tumour. 

Pete will be long remembered by all of us who had the pleasure of meeting him on the mountains of New Zealand in those early years.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family at this time.

RIP Pete

Nikon F4. Nikkor 80-200 2.8. Fuji Velvia.

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