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Hi, I'm technological
Hi, I'm technological

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is there a way to get the generate button for a random list IN the spreadsheet? or always showing?

Is there a way to display history of what was done? I'd like to know when people hit the generate button for a random list

What happens when more than 10 people try to join a Google Hangout, not one set up as a Google Hangout on Air, just a Google Hangout? Does that 11th person still see video? but just not show video?

...Kinda lame that there are like 20 LOTR communities, shouldn't Google kill off ones that aren't legitimate sub communities?

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Hah, nice LOTR reference Mozilla -

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I recently got a doberman, and I'm totally enjoying remembering interceptor in FF6.
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Need an accountability kicker? Come share what you're working on, give feedback for others, and gain momentum in your online business!

Hangout Structure
Depending on number of participants there will be 2-3 minutes for sharing, 3-5 for feedback, and then we'll move to the next person. There's no pressure to share, and it could be as simple as trying to get an opt-in on your site, or big as coordinating a 1000 person event, whatever you're working on.


Jane share's she wants to increase her Facebook likes, she has 100, but is struggling with messaging her friends to promote her fitness business. The group responds with ideas like holding a contest, running a marketing campaign targeted at yoga instructions, etc. Jane now has some ideas to show the group next time, and get's a few likes from group members interested.

The idea is that sharing what you're in the middle of and getting feedback, whether practical or motivation will keep you accountable, and push you forward! Put stakes on yourself with people listening, or peer pressure yourself into accomplishing what you set out to do!

• Non-promotional, casual
• Try to be specific with topic/project if you can
• You don't have to share
• Feedback can be anything, keep it constructive/positive

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Drop by for a digital hangout to share what you're working on and offer feedback for others.

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I'm struggling with some #CSS, anyone up for a quick gig? I need help. The wrong menu item is highlighting on this page, and it's sub forum pages, I need to force the right one.

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Hanging out on Google. Topic: What are you working on? Come say hi, get some feedback or just share!
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