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2 more campus shootings... and we politically can't even discuss more rational gun policy/access?  We as a nation deserve what we get if we can't be adults about this.

If a tree falls in the forest, does it take down the comcast cable line? (why yes it does... it rips it right off the side of the house as a matter of fact....)

To +T-Mobile or not to T-Mobile... I can get 2 new phones (on 0% interest 24 month payment plan) and have unlimited calling/texting plus the same data plan (with no contract) for less than my +AT&T  bill which just includes the data/txt/voice....

Chrome (stable) on Ubuntu has been very unstable since the last update. Found a workaround, but I hope the bug gets fixed soon, don't want to have to give up my fav browser!

Any of my geeky friends ever used +Piwigo?  I'm thinking of making the switch from Gallery2 and wondering personal experience with the transition. 

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191 Miles, 12 runners, one weekend. Calistoga to Santa Cruz. Team Wandering Shoelaces starts at 12 noon tomorrow. (I'm doing legs 8, 20, and 32.)   #goldengaterelay   #running  

What a way to be woken up (after hitting snooze the first time)... Dogs barking like crazy, something on our front porch. Just a neighbor with 2 dogs of her own letting us know that water is rushing out of our yard. It appears there's a water line break somewhere--slowly bubbling up through the asphalt on the street and right next to that a huge amount rushing from the ground just a small bit off the street.

Anyone have a gently-used Android phone (for AT&T or unlocked) they'd be willing to sell or donate to Cody?  (the charging port on his Infuse 4g phone has given up the ghost...)

Two years ago today, Alex came to live with us as a foster son and changed our lives. 

shell-shocked... just received +Cigna 's benefit summary for my most recent ER visit. My portion? $3500?!?! remind me again why I pay $1k/month for insurance?
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