HP is giving IT Directors an opportunity to kill BYOD.
This is an exclusive scoop, btw...
Those are my words, not theirs. 

I actually started to write about this during the quarterly earnings report, when Meg and the crew started talking about the HP Elite 900, a Microsoft Windows 8 tablet capable of running almost all desktop software. Then, of course, the discussion about Mike Lynch sort of took center stage in the court of public opinion.

But they spent some time here at #hpdiscover  , an enterprise show, to talk gadgets with us on #theCube , which says quite a bit about the seriousness they're applying to this launch.

We played with the devices on and off camera. These are sleek, fast, and capable devices. This is HP's answer to BYOD, which is, put succinctly, a security nightmare in the enterprise.

HP could really revive their consumer and personal systems group sales (and keep any future CEOs from trying to bag their PC division),

HP is dogfooding these, too, btw. I overheard one of the product guys telling some folks in PR that they should be able to request these devices for use from their managers by December for the Elite 900, and by March for the Revolve.

Silicon Valley will probably pan these devices, but the truth of the matter is that every outside the bubble IT security guy I talk to is begging the industry for a viable alternative, so they can ditch their BYOD programs.

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