Look - I'm as much a fan of the shens Wall St. pulls as the next guy with common sense.

But honestly, anyone that will get behind the Occupy Wall Street movement deserves no sympathy from me. Every promotional video for the event I watched on YouTube had anti-semetic commentary in it ("The Jews caused the financial crisis," "The Jews have all the money/banks.").

I don't respect that one bit.

So, and I don't say this often, I hope the man wins this one.
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Calling out those individuals that did it, I'm on board with. Calling out a racial or religious group and blaming it on them I am not on board with. Rage: justified, but at least have the common human decency to aim it in the right place.
These people have no idea what they are protesting. They are just anarchists who moved from their mom's basement to the street.
So... do you guys have any better ideas? Please share them. Unless you think the bankers and the wall streeters are innocent... then that's a totally different discussion
The first mention that I've seen of the Jews did it mentality is... YOU.
I'm not sure what "the man" is supposed to win in this one. Perhaps, and I agree with your sentiment, Mark, the winner would be those marching IF they come to realize what they're saying. I don't think they're in a listening mood at the moment.
Seems to be a great platform and movement for anarchists. Or people who made bad decisions on school loans.
Wow, really? I haven't watched many videos but NONE that I've seen have included such content.
I haven't seen anything like that either, and would be very interested. Please post links.
The problem with such movements is that they are anarchic and as such are very susceptible to be taken over by the most extreme elements as they are usually the ones with the organization and resources. History is replete with them.
Wow. Didn't expect the heated response this thread got today. Wasn't prepared to engage an a huge discussion (gotta go live on the air at #oow11 in about an hour)... but if you're adventurous, i posted a few of the videos I'm talking about in my google reader shares list last week, so if you scroll back through that, you'll find it.
RightGirl Pearls Showed it to me thru her share list. She might be able to find them quicker than I.
Let's see if the numbers hold up once it starts getting cold. I'm betting they're another bunch of soft, coddled windbags.
Yeah, seeing you side on "the man" that's involved in killing millions and taking advantage of even more would kind of get a response...
Part of me agrees with you as they are wrong, but go easy on them because they know not what they are doing and they are lashing out in anger at everything and they need leaders to step up to the plate and show them why things are happening.

On the following link is a word document that I wrote awhile back describing why I think they are doing it.

In a nutshell, they know that their lives have been turned upside down, but they do not know who, what, why, etc... and they don't know how to fix it.

In that article I compare the trauma that our troops must live with and compare it with what these people are living with.
Bottom line, the troops know what caused their problem.
These people have no clue

Let's be clear which "man" I'm siding with here - I don't want Wall St to "win the fight" or whatever, but I wouldn't mind seeing anti-semites go to jail. Clearer?
Go to jail? wtf dude. You think everyone who says anything bad about anybody should go to jail? The punishment for talking bad about someone is rape? (btw, I do think that going to jail is a sentence to get raped, my opinion...). C'mon now. Education is the key, not jail cells.
No jail cells for free speech. If they said it by voice or sign, then the rest of us knowing about it does the damage it should do ... making us not take them seriously.
Geeze, +Rob Dupuis, Did I say jail them for speech? No. I just said I wouldn't mind seeing these particular anti-semites in a jail cell (and they are, apparently, being arrested in the hundreds, from reports I saw this morning).

Let's look at this objectively - we have hundreds, if not thousands, of folks (who most of you identify as anarchists - don't know about that, but let's go with it a moment) railing against the political and financial establishment, and partially blaming Jews for their financial ruin.

Do we recognize this scenario from anywhere else in history? Anyone? Anyone?

Seriously, do I need to spell it out?
k, just because of that comment, I'm not going to go any further... I won't even comment on that any more than this... JC...
I'm OK with that, Rob. You misconstrued my comments in a way that was obviously counter to my philosophy, and even cursory research as to who I am would have told you that I'm a Journalist.

How many journalists do you know advocate jail-time for free speech?

Common sense man.
ok, you're right. My mistake.
No, if you look into the events that led up to 2008 the bankers are indeed guilty, and some of them of massive securities fraud. Go after them please, but calling out a specific religious or racial group as part of your rage is misinformed, ignorant, and uncivilized.
I haven't seen any evidence of this, but it wouldn't surprise me.
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