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#uk #riots #policestate: Britain Remodels Justice System After China, North Korea, Then Adds Some
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Britain's new principles of justice following the UK riots are nothing like we've seen in the West. Censorship that is modeled on China, and family punishment of a type that has only existed in North Korea. And yet more.
Britain, through of Prime Minister David Cameron, has made some very unusual additions to its justice system this week. Essentially, the changes are modeled after principles from China and North Korea...
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"The primary function of freedom of speech is the ability to say things that people in charge don’t like."
"As Cory Doctorow noted on BoingBoing, the Chinese welcomed the message from Britain with open arms and praised Cameron for his “rethink”.

The Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA) tweeted,

Well, I fear David Cameron got it somewhat wrong on netfreedom. Applause from Beijing is hardly flattering.– Carl Bildt, MFA-SE"
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