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Overly long post, but I totally agree with Danny's main point: just tell us already how many active users you have, Google+.
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By that you mean how many people use the feed feature?
+Richard MacManus and +Danny Sullivan Why does it matter if those users reported by +Larry Page & +Vic Gundotra, actually visit, it only matters to marketers or ad agencies to target active users but Google doesn't care about those ads for now but can utilize the sharing information and social signals they get though their so called social layer (G+) in their search and can get more $ through search which these so called journalists and analysts keep forgetting.
+Piyush Samaiya , completely agree. There are days that I don't post. That doesn't mean I don't look at my inbound circles every day, if not multiple times a day. I know my opinion doesn't count because I am a Googler, but I love the fact that my iNews stream keeps me up to date on all news headlines, my iMusic stream lets me know when new albums are coming out, my iGoogle stream let's me know about what on sale in the Play store along with everything else going on within the company, and my iBeverages and iF&D stream feeds the foody and beer/wine geek side of me. I may not post often but I look at these streams multiple times a day. I don't care how man users G+ has as long as it stays relevant to me.

It has enough users that I can post publicly on Friday afternoon that I'm thinking about going to a specific new restaurant for dinner and ask for people's opinions and I always have 3 or 4 words of advice from denver local strangers by the time I leave the house for dinner. That's something Facebook sure can't do.
PS. If anyone wants me to share all my inbound circles with you just say so.
Regular users still want to know the active users number so they can plan their engagement or not
+Majed Al Dossary Why do they care about the numbers, if users have enough interesting people in their circles, they will see engagements and activities in their streams. at the end numbers doesn't count but the quality of people in your circles.
Engagement levels are important and that's what 'active users' measures. I really like G+ and it's my main form of professional networking these days, so this isn't about criticizing G+. But this 170 million users figure is inaccurate, because it's likely the vast majority are inactive users, and Google needs to come clean about it.
Good point +Richard MacManus . Point being, these "inactive" users are still "potential" active users, but Google nevertheless needs to come clean about the extent of use.
The article has a bunch of good points, although many flaws as well. Most importantly the comparison with Facebook. Google may count a YouTube user as an active Google account, which is or is not isn't fair....but Facebook counts you as a user if you happen to leave your cookies engaged on your browser from a week ago when you press the "like" button on some random webpage across the internet. Both are skewed and not accurate on the base level for G+ or FB...but atleast with Google it is within the Google ecosystem.
Good point Colby, although to be fair I think having a FB like button on a website is being part of its ecosystem (as it connects directly to FB and that's where the 'like' is published).
G+ is light years ahead of FB. On g+ we get to have hangout sessions with movie stars, music artist and news broadcasters. super kool
So +Richard MacManus Doesn't Google consider all its Google properties part of Google ecosystem, people are comparing G+ as a separate product which isn't at ;least Google doesn't think so and G+ meant to be social spine of Google ecosystem per Larry Page,

This whole Active user number talk initiated by Mark Zuckerberg to target Google.
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