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Good to see some active user stats about G+! "150 million log in monthly, and 75 million go to Google+ daily."
To close out the Wednesday keynote at Google I/O, SVP of engineering Vic Gundotra retook the stage to talk about Google+, which reaches its first birthday tomorrow. Gundotra announced the first native...
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I'll be sharing this stat with anyone who thinks "Google+ is dead"
SO..!!!..?   only 74,999,998...posts here  to go lucky man,you
re..: Prasant...STATS..? Oxford def.?.....   Aliens that circle URANUS...looking for ..KLINGONS....doris
 ONLY..!!!    74,999, go Richard..!!  lookin' good Cowboy..!!...doris
  Someone's hanging..Chads...?....richard.?
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