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Richard MacManus
Author & Tech Columnist; Founder of ReadWrite
Author & Tech Columnist; Founder of ReadWrite

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I'm thrilled to announce the publication of my second book, Presence. It's a novel about the future of #VirtualReality. BUY NOW from Amazon as an ebook or paperback:

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I'm pleased to announce my new role as Tech Columnist for Newsroom, a soon to be launched news website. My weekly column will be called 'Brave New World' and will explore the intersection of technology and society.

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My first tech column for the year argues for a new kind of humanism in technology. And I'm not talking about #transhumanism.

Have a read and let me know your own thoughts on bringing #humanism to tech.

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My annual year in review post. Here's my top 5 tech trends. Let me know whether you agree or not...

1. Virtual Reality Becomes Reality
2. Conversing With Artificial Intelligence
3. Social Media Jumps The Shark [nb: actually read what I wrote before commenting!]
4. Society Begins To Tackle Automation
5. Pokémon GO & The Dawn of Augmented Reality

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My latest newsletter is an update on Presence sales, some early details about my next science fiction novel, plus a teaser about a new tech blog I'm developing with a buddy (will launch next year!).

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#CyberMonday sale on my science fiction book, Presence. Pick up a copy today for just $0.99!! Yes, you did read that correctly. Unbelievable bargain, right? Let's see if I can crack the top 20 Cyberpunk charts on Amazon again... #KindleCountdown

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It's been just over a month since I released Presence, my debut scifi novel. Here are my learnings so far... #indieauthor #sciencefiction

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My scifi book, Presence, reached the top 20 in the Cyberpunk subgenre on for a few days early in October. Which was pleasing. But, wait a minute… #cyberpunk? I had thought that word went out of style in the 1990s. But no, apparently it’s alive and kicking as an subgenre of #ScienceFiction on Amazon. I have a better suggestion...

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If you’re a member of #KindleUnlimited, you can download my scifi novel PRESENCE for free. It’s about the future of #VR and I'd love for you to give it a read.

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WIN one of five paperback copies of my beautifully designed science fiction novel, Presence:

Presence was released at the end of last month and early reviews have been very positive. Novelist Eliot Peper called Presence "an electrifying ride through the future of virtual reality" and "a technothriller that will keep you turning pages long past your bedtime." Influential VC Brad Feld said, "Richard's first sci-fi book is dynamite. I'm very hopeful that his phrase invirt will catch on for in virtual reality." And Bertalan Mesko, The Medical Futurist, said "I'm always looking for science fiction that extrapolates current technologies in a super smart way. Presence does this by imagining what a Facebook in the year 2051 would be like."

The ebook is available now:

For a chance to win a copy of the paperback, I invite you to enter this giveaway contest. The paperback was professionally designed by Kevin Barrett Kane and is a work of art.

Either way, if you read and enjoy the book, please consider posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Good luck if you choose to enter this contest! #GoodreadsGiveaway
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