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I met an older photographer last week who said, "We have basically learned all that we can learn." He was serious, and kinda sad.

At 62, I feel that there is still a ton of stuff to learn - in photography and in life.

And we need to keep on learning, because "Learning is Health."

And we need to keep changing, because when we are through changing, we are through.

Just think of a caterpillar :-)

Keep on learning!
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That's a bit sad for the older bloke ... go show him a Lytro ;-)
As I get older I am having to re-learn loads of stuff. Sometimes its because I got it wrong first time around, other times because the things I learned have changed, or because I just moved into a new sphere of life.
I think we always have to learn something but, at the same time, we know more as we get older...
Yeah. Treading water is not a long term option. We go, we grow, we learn or we die. There is an old Chinese proverb: In time of change it is not those who already know who will survive, it is those who can learn.
I enjoyed your presentation in Boston on Saturday. Very engaging and encouraging for all levels of photographers. Thanks!
the more i learn, the more i know that there is i do not know, thus the more i have to learn. this is true throughout my life.
Awesome post Rick. I feel the same way. This is why when i felt i was through learning at my job i went into Grad school. When i was bored about 10 years ago i decided to pick up a camera. and lately i decided to teach myself guitar. There is always something to learn and make yourself better
I say the day I stop learning is the day they put me in the ground!
Rick, it's amazing that any photographer these days would say we've learned all... I'm 60, soon to be 61 years old, and I cannot find enough time to explore all I want to learn. And it just keeps getting more and more interesting!
I agree 100%. There is always new stuff to learn.
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Here's a corollary:
This is a famous misquote by Charles Duell, commissioner of the US patent office in 1899 -
"Everything that can be invented has been invented."
I have often said that if you aren't learning, you must be dead. Everybody should be learning at least 1 thing every day.
The inquiring mind can never be stilled. The satisfied mind can never expand. The choice is ours. I choose metamorphosis over stagnation. And even if we were ever to know "everything about everything", we could still take a leaf out of Tennyson's Ulysses: "I dream of things that never were and say, 'why not?'"
That is one of the big reasons I love photography so much .. Its a hobby one never stops learning from.. I could not learn everything in a life time..
I also agree, but sometimes it takes more presentations to make sure I get things completely correct. Although a good deal of that is the normal act of learning, but it just seems like it is taking another go-round or two to get the stuff that came quicker when I was 30. Frustrating, but now I just plan for it.
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