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iPhone 5 PANIC at Apple? Demand is 'weak'
Reports say iPhone 5 demand is now half of planned figures. Apple is said to have slashed component orders. The pre-market stock price is falling fast, heading below $500. The company's upcoming earnings announcement should make interesting reading. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers listen to 'people familiar with the situation.'

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Wow, it's popular on Google News this morning. Bracing for enraged fanboi comments in 3... 2... 1...
You get a disgruntled free software person comment. :) I can see why it's not selling. There is little advantage to the 5 over previous versions, and many dislike the new form factor. Combine that with the applemaps scandal, and apple's current paradigm of controlling users freedoms and you get poor sales. You can only take people for a ride for so long.
Is it really that surprising?  I mean, everyone out there with a 4s really has no great incentive to upgrade, there isn't really that much different between the models.  

And I have the 5, I love it - (though it is my first iPhone)  That said, I would probably love an Android too - but, my work requirements pushed me into the iOS area.
To be honest I do find the 5 cumbersome compared to the 4. It doesn't really make sense to make it only taller but not wider. It just make the device a bit unwieldy. 
New non-standard connector means people would have to buy new accessories yet again.... Not a wise move by Apple. 
Iphone 5 should change price then any one can get a ishit .. LOL
Lawl great! They get what they deserve
I bought 2 at Walmart for 127 each, at that price it was worth it to me, just to hear Siri call me Silver Surfer. :)
Maybe this is the flame-under-the-butt they need to start innovating again.
Or double down on their efforts to use tort to their advantage...
So uh, all those guys who got into Apple shares because of the Facebook ads... how's it working out for ya?
Well of course it's not selling, hardly anything about it is cutting edge or a great leap in phone technology.
this iphone 5 is ugly they made it more thinner than the 4 and  4s and the end result appeared and feel not going to buy that version im happy with my 4s the heaviness of the unit made it more solid and lovely to look at...
and no wonder its not comes across as cheap devise...
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