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'Pathetic' Microsoft ad campaign ratchets privacy hate for Google
 ~ #Scroogled campaign dredges new depths. +Computerworld 
 #Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is under fire—yet again—for its anti-Google privacy message (despite the fact that Microsoft also makes money from targeted advertising). This time, Redmond is selling T-shirts, mugs, and other paraphernalia with a bastardized "Keep Calm And..." text.

In today's #ITBW , bloggers fight like ferrets in a bag.
Scroogled campaign dredges new depths. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is under fire -- yet again -- for its anti-Google privacy message (despite the fact that Microsoft also makes money from targeted advertising). This time, Redmond is selling T-shirts, mugs, and other paraphernalia with a bastardized "Keep Calm And..." text. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers fight like ferrets in a bag.
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Probably the same guy that came up with Clippy dreamt up this idiotic campaign. I happen to like my windows 8 PC, but this is the kind of crap that makes me wonder if I should even consider a Microsoft product as a future purchase. It looks bad, it is bad, it reeks.

What happened to the company that helped put a PC in every home? Where's the backbone?
Absolutely. It hardly seems right to continue to support a company whose advertising strategy is based around defaming competitors rather than boosting their own product. It's blatant hypocrisy, too - considering the nefarious history of Microsoft.
Somebody pointed out elsewhere that Microsoft using the Chrome logo  might even be a serious problem.
+Rob Foxx, not to mention the fact that Microsoft currently does the exact same thing! (Citation linked in opening paragraph.)
I said it in another post, if they want to make cheap shots, they should open a distillery.

The whole Scroogled campaign is harmful to Microsoft more than it is to Google. Their professional credibility is on the line, but they don't seem to care.

How many more mistakes can they make before Ballmer leaves?
+Alan Stainer Heh! I can only assume you'd drink a cheap Microsoft shot in a blue stein of death! ;)
I have one remaining Microsoft Windows system in my home. When that dies, it won't be replaced. This campaign sealed that deal.
Nothing wrong with spreading the truth 
Google you get "targeted" ads which can opt of.
Microsoft you get: Viagra offers, pills for a larger ........., find a local sl*t.

And the UI on Outlook is rubbish, it has a tendency to delete / block the wrong emails.

Google ads: a 1 liner
Microsoft ads: a column down your screen.
Google and Microsoft make money on the ads. so blocking them will not happen.
+Lark LaTroy the great thing about this stuff is... it brings out people who know it's right and get mad because now the secret is out. Pathetic 
+Paul Jacobs you say, "Nothing wrong with spreading the truth," but what about falsely implying that Microsoft doesn't do the same thing? (See link in first paragraph.)
And I won't even say that Google uses Linux 
When I use Google's stuff, I know that they are watching what I'm doing. I actually want them to do that. If I have to look at ads, I'd rather look at relevant ones.

You can't do that without analyzing data. The only difference is that you see what the Goog is doing with it.

If someone thinks that Microsoft, or their own ISP, or any other company that's on the Internetz isn't collecting data about them left and right, I have a bridge in New York I'm looking to sell at a reasonable price...
Microsoft makes a pile the same way, no doubt.
What I find incredulous are the numbers of people getting angry at Microsoft for pointing out Google makes most or all of its revenue in such a -- dare I say it -- evil way?
I hope m$ have played Google for use of the chrome logo !
I think this may just backfire and give a nudge forward for chromebooks.
When shopping, I try and look at company first, product second...
Guess who isn't upgrading their pc's is to the next Windows anymore... same reason I dislike Apple, product maybe ok but the company's ethics stink.
People need to remember algorithms NOT people scan your activity, which then tells a relevant company algorithm about your activity. Then you get spam mail I mean personalised ads. And Google ads revenue makes most of Google apps free if not affordable. 
+Richi Jennings I do know that Windows And Linux collect data differently so in that regard Microsoft is correct.
+Hector Villalobos I am confused about this one myself.
"Linux" can mean many things. A linux distro? Kernel developers or Linus? Embedded firmware linux?  
+Hector Andem Well if Chuck Norris would grace us with a bed, it would have Embedded-in-bed linux. [Running Slackware of course. :) ] 
Where does it mention anything about Google?
Google stealing data? Since we all volenteer our data through the Google services how is it stealing? 
+Hector Villalobos if you know enough to ask the question then you know the answer. And we don't want to get Google in any more trouble 
+Paul Jacobs I don't mind "bringing Google into trouble" (or any other corporation). Nevertheless, your reply is not really answering the question. 
So glad to see this is back firing on them. Business practices like this ate shameful at best. Microsoft is proving they can't compete in today's IT industry.
+Ryan Groten really? Because you like 20 features in Linux as opposed to the 200 features in windows? 
Lol, yea Apple could not keep their OS competitive so they had to switch to free Unix.
Ohh and Windows does many many things Linux can not.
Well well. MS should shut up because they arent any better when it comes to privacy. Cheap talk MS. Such a pathetic company, all its products are failures lately.
Googlers appear to be buying up the Scroggled products to wear them on the Google campus. Talk about having a blowback.
+Hector Andem - there is a sucker made every min. People will pay 3 times what the hardware is worth and pay for a free operating system my case in point
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