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Microsoft Surface sales seem slack, says UBS, spelling silence for Windows RT?'s #ITBW for +Computerworld ~ $MSFT 

The Surface RT tablet sold 'only' 1 million last year, estimates a UBS analyst. Microsoft says it's 'pleased,' but many commentators predict a premature demise for its ill-fated Windows RT operating system. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder why they'd buy a limited, ARM tablet, when they could have a full-fat, compatible Atom one.

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Yikes. Another still-born OS from MS?

The marketing is good, though, that Win8 screen is instantly recognisable as brand. Even so my new VAIO had the factory install imaged (was Win8) and Ubuntu put straight on it :oD
RT vs. Windows 8 is confusing for consumers and retailers alike so I', not surprised these haven't been selling well.
They never made the case for RT. Is RT Windows Phone 8 with Office stapled on? If Office is stapled on it should run as a WP8 app or they should open up RT to anyone who wants to make apps for it. Locking down the OS is stupid.
Yeah, when I turned the VAIO on for the first time it took me a minute to find out how to shut down Win8 so I could copy the disk prior to reformatting it.

That is not a User Experience. Well, it is but not the sort you should be providing.
Wrong, no one wants one "Interface" to rule them all (like LOTR).
Even Apple understood that. Google too. And besides, what value does the surface bring ? None, it's just more of the same.
And one can get cheap tablets that get the job done.
I watched the commercials in the United States several times before I realized they were actually selling a computer, not a new video.
They will need to put a ton of money to keep the marketing going. IMHO the new low coo sets from Intel will enable OEM to build nifty tablets with win 8... RT will fade
Windows is a dinosaur that should never have grown big.
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