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Star Trek Tech that Exists Today
When Star Trek hit the air waves, talking computers were just a pipe dream. While teleportation remains elusive, several once-fictional technologies are changing the way people live and work. Here’s 11 ways we’re approaching the gizmos that Star Trek demonstrated.
I think it's loads of fun. But then I would, wouldn't I? By +Lisa Morgan for #hpio #startrek
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We never have quite hit the Jetson's era, have we? All for the best, probably. Still, I always wanted to live in the future.Man, just having to freaking sit down to eat just took away that much time. Hell, just give me a nutrition pill and open the door; I'm gone!
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Eh, while I am here, let me state that I love film. Outside of LA or NYC I would have to say that here in Austin, TX is where you must be if you love film. I am sure I will have more on that later. But, to give you an obscure flick:  "Hell Night". If you YouTube it, you should be able to get a free look at the whole thing. It was up on IMDb, but it came down for some odd reason. Linda Blair just looks charming and Vincent Van Patton (once that damned facial hair is lost) makes my, I like him to, a
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"Well, I guess it's time to get the show on the road.!" Eh I will leave with another Tarantino slap-in-the-face, an awesome bit of cinematographic silly/stupid called "Revenge of the Cheerleaders!" And, yes, it is as butt stupid as the name implies, but it just drills down into beyond and gets close to genius. OOOooookay there, ya wanted to see an amazingly stoned, incredibly pregnant cheerleader? Or perhaps a stoned David Hasselhoff. Naked. Frontal. OK, here is the final measure of just how out of control this flick is: When Quentin show it  the first time, it turned out that the second reel was upsidedown and backwards. No one, other than Quentin (hey, it was his film, he knew it) realized that anything was wrong. Fortunately for us, we got to watch the entire first reel again while they were respooling the errant reel. Now, I cannot leave whoevere it is that read this far without giving this
This is my favorite unknown film. It has the two Bills!!!!!!! [Paxton and Pulman. It is also impossible to pin down. You will find it to be trying to parse Kafka. You WILL go mad first.
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