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BlackBerry BB10 review watch: Wow, that's unexpected!
 -- BB10 reviews are in. The new BlackBerry (TSE:BB)/(NASDAQ:BBRY)—formerly RIM—platform and phones are raising surprised eyebrows, especially among those who had written off the company and its previous products. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers think again.'s #ITBW via +Computerworld ~ $BB $BBRY
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Why is this a surprise? There was news last year they'd be launching a new model around now.
Battery life is apparently abysmal, so I'm afraid it's not even getting a first look. Battery is leading and they dropped that perk of the brand.
From the reviews on the tech sites, no one has complained. Not even about battery life. 
Oh and that RIM basher Robert Scobel, loved it. 
What's good about it? The reviews I read were mostly "meh" and "it's alright".
Well +Vincent Leeuw i normally dont trust or read the verge. I find them a bit biased. But thats just me. Ill wait for crackberry to give the real meat and potatoes. Thanks. 
Yeah, may be nice and that but still done badly -- how so - well they release premium products when there main growth is in markets with low-end handsets.  So by this they are now alienating there consumer clients they grow at the expense of there business clients.

Ok so thats not epic but lets look at the form going on here and draw upon history.

You may remember another canadian company, did wonders then had a bad period and came back with a treo of wonderful products..Yes Palm is that company and dispite there lovely products they did not do as well and big fat HP came along and that is all she wrote.  Now there is also the story of Nortel who were doing web 2.0 applications before people could get there heads around 1.0 and with that had some amazing software etc that was ahead of its time and as such ran slow for the time it was in.  Anyhow they no longer playing.

Given the amount of ex nortel and palm staff that may or may not be working at RIM, well I'm expecting them sadly to flop along, get taken over some big company and then thats all she wrote.

Sad realy but they did it too themselfs.  Issues with the back end have been glossed over and it is still the same back end.  Delays on that wonderful QNX OS (yes it is rather nice) meant they have 2 products that would of looked good a year or two ago but now, some aspects are going to date (remember the hardware for these two handsets was ready and dusted in summer last year).  So you have a camera that is akin to 4 years ago and other grumbles but they are still nice kit.  Just not omg wow sadly.  New OS is nice, but even with that they are marching uphill with people who loved RIM having moved away and the only people who love them are loyal users who wont change there lucky underpants and gwoing asian market that like the service and cheap handsets and with that both are not exactly going to rave when the love setteles.

Yes RIM should of many years ago made a dedicated enterprise server and sold that instead of hehlping microsoft sell exchange and others sell hardware for them (makes support harder as well - go figure).  They ended up giving that software away to help keep people interested.

They could of not alienated there business users as much with the consumer pandering (peal onwards) and with that could of saved some faces.

They could of released a blackberry client for android and apple and gained fan's and income that way so those who have those platforms can diup into blackberry's experience and make any moves to there platform a more natural one and with that had people pay to learn what they are about and moved across instead of expecting the impossible.  Apple and android wont be pissing of there users anytime soon sadly and that is what RIM needs to get people looking at theer new toys, let alone buying them.

Oh and changing the company name, why this was done at launch is just silly as it distracts from the product launch and add's confusion in the business sector and they are the ones that help set the share prices after all.  Also the costs involved in a rebranding are not exactly free and cheap.

So yes nice OS, no change to backend that failed in past many times and still same middle miss-managment feeding bollocks to the top and  bottom ranks.  They lost a lot of key staff who knew the infrastructure etc and with that they realy are dipping on.

I would love to see them pull back but sadly the track is firmly cast as it was with Nortel and Palm and history has shown SUN when they changed name did not hold of dieing, new products that are brilliant like Palm had will not save a leaking ship and the best idea's in the World are no good if you focus on the complicated ones like Nortel and ignore whole consumer bases.

So question is who will buy them - HP, doubt it, Dell - maybe, Microsoft well they already tried and RIM poopoo'd them so they wont bite again.  Facebook, well that could work but they are probably wary of dropping billions into a company after some overpriced photo software.  So this leaves many large companies in asia that most will not of heard of.  It can work, heck Lenvo did well from the IBM laptops and still carried on making some solid products, so you can get best of both Worlds.

So the surge in RIM shares during this launch will be a short affair and when the next results are released then reality will jump back in on that share price, if not sooner.

All rather sad, but that is what you get with bad middle managment - they indirectly shit companies up sadly.
A lotta hate for a nice comeback. I seen good reviews so far. The fact you can import android apps and adapt them to the blackberry eco just shows you this is not a meh phone. I will probably get one down the road. 
+Manny Ramirez  wait 6 months and get one cheap.  Not being hate just realistic and something the crackberry review will not be as they are after all RIM fans so you can hardly expect a balanced look.

It is nice kit, just as they say too little too late.

Also the blackberry playbook is available cheap and is the only platform that will get the bb10 OS upgrade from what I have seen.  So a lot of old users being left out forced to get new phone that does not have budget range.

Look at Palm's history and sadly it is repeating on too many levels to not happen again, sad really, truely it is.

Hope I'm wrong, but I don't believe I am.  Remember this is not a comeback, it is aproduct launch and with that if the product sells well, only then can you call it a comeback.
+Manny Ramirez Discounting an opinion because it doesn't correspond with your own is a rather sore response. In the end everything is biased. That's why it's an opinion. Though granted, the battery life isn't part of that.
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