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Google's Larry Page trolls Apple and Facebook
 ~ today's #ITBW for @computerworld~ $GOOG $AAPL $FB ~
 ~ Here's Larry Page as Trollface, hating on Facebook and Apple. The Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) cofounder granted a rare interview and snuck in a couple of tiny barbs. The undiplomatic language is refreshing, but Page has plenty of interesting things to say about Google, the Internet, governments, mobile, and so on. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers enjoy the candor. ~ ~
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i may be an android fan but i would never stoop that low.

apple made the iPhone for people needing to be a part of a flock.

google made android for its loyal fans of the search engine.

Try bing recently?
Perhaps +Radha Santadharma . I mean sure, but as for me I do not care that much about search. I am fanatical about Linux and the rest of Libre Software and Open Source. It is not at all surprising that these technologies are the foundations of my Android phone and Google search. If Google ever stops caring about these or if another player substantially embraces these foundations better then I may cease to care about Google.
Most of what Page said in the excerpts I agree with.

I also think that Mark Zuckerberg will say nothing publicly because he knows that Facebook products generally do suck, read reviewer impressions of the latest "graph search" for instance.

Another reason is that Facebook seems to try to follow Google instead of the other way around. Notice the changes to Facebook after Google+ circles were introduced and how Facebook is now all over mobile hardware after Google acquired Motorola. Facebook acquired Skype because many use Google Voice and other messaging solutions.

It is clear who the leader really is. Facebook is to Google what Microsoft is to Apple. 
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