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Intel Atom 64-bit server SoC "Centerton" breaks cover
 ~ In IT Blogwatch, bloggers see Intel spoiling for a fight with ARM and AMD.'s #ITBW at +Computerworld ~ $INTC
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Good, Intel was lazy and AMD was not competition. Good that ARM can challenge Intel and will not suffer for that, since there are more than 10 manufacturers working with the ARM arch. (Qualcomm, Texas, Samsung, etc...)
Richi .. you probably know about the Classmate netbooks platform for education .. still with the old Atom microprocessors.
Well .. a close friend of mine with your company is responsible for managing the security solution for Intel and their Linux desktop also from down here; - Argentina -
Even now with the new line of microprocessors ​​Medfield they got running a Linux for an educational tablet ( Intel ) and lately a box for Digital TV or  STB called TACTV -> Tecnologia, Acceso y Conocimiento ( Technology, Access and Knowledge TV]  (ISDB-T) similar to HbbTV with push content management options, web browser supporting HTML5 and Flash Player ... for a national plan called Argentina Conectada 
Something similar but i think even superior, to the idea of Google TV or Apple TV.
look here some pics
nop...sorry haha my friend's company ...haha a lot of work for him and a lot of complains...grrrr 
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