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Um, why is Google showing me ads for a "Seniors' dating agency"?
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I don't know you well enough to say, "'Cause you're old?" but if I did, that's the joke I'd make.  :)
30 is the new 70 to a 15 year old!
Has your mom used your computer recently and possibly made a few searches?
I'd also like to know why Google News keeps giving me spanish language news articles. I have no idea what the articles say and after about 2 hours they go away and I'm back to english.
Once I tipped over 30 Facebook dished up ads for dating sites where I could meet women looking for "older men"
They probably expect you to pass on this info to the elderly and senior citizens among your family & friends.A good CSR opportunity for you, use it.
Same reason why a "gay thug dating" website ad showed up on a hardline christian website.
Uhhh... What have you been searching for lately??? He he he... 
Probably from your travel location choices. :) 
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