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Patent Trolls Blasted From All Sides: Now FTC Drops Bomb
 ~ Edith Ramirez, to subpoena PAEs. ~ 
Seemingly taking its cue from the White House, Chairwoman Ramirez wants to launch a wide-ranging study into patent trolls. 
On the one hand, not a moment too soon: Most U.S. patent lawsuits are blamed on trolls.
On The Other Hand, let’s hope the Commission doesn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, and make it harder for small inventors to be rightly compensated. 
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Well stop the bullshit patents which are not patents! Like if you put a wire strain on a clothe pin so it could stay on the clothe line, that's a patent...I mean what the fuck?! People don't see how that is stupid and not a patent?!
those people at the American patent office need a good kicking in the pants.

The standards they allegedly apply to give out patents probably are as follows:  "is the one asking for the patent gonna pay the fees for that patent? If the answer is yes, then give them one".
+Don Pyaano Takahashi it's common sense, and when have you ever seen a government employee doing a good job at the city, county, state, or federal level?!
I've got an idea.

To the best of my knowledge there are currently two types of patents, Utility and Design. Of the two, it is the Utility patent that is of greatest value and I liken the Design patent to something similar to a copyright or a trademark.

Many patents are applied for out of the inventor's vanity. Perhaps there could be a vanity class of patents which would offer no monetary value to the holder and yet satisfy the inventor's need for recognition.

The Vanity class would be wide open and application fees would be modest like $1,000. Approval would hinge upon a keyword Google search of the Vanity patent class.

If you find that this is a possible solution please + the comment to indicate you may be willing to support a Kickstarter campaign. Or maybe a petition, or something.

Heck, maybe you would be willing to make a donation so I could be the first to apply for a Vanity patent that is based on this idea of mine. I've always wanted to be a patent holder.
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