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SSD price crash: 80¢ per GB!
#HPIO for +Esther Schindler by +Richi Jennings...

Original link has rotted, but here's a similar version:
Not convinced about the ROI of buying solid-state drives? Think again... SSD prices have taken a dramatic tumble over the past year. Where the typical 120 GB SSD's street price was around $300 ...
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I have bought three of them recently, been an excellent refresh on older equipment.
I'll be replacing my mechanical drive with a SSD I recently purchased. Despite reassurances though, I'm still a little nervous about reliability.
Well for me I backed it onto an external HDD and then I swapped the internal HDD with a SSD drive, I have all my emails archived and everything is backed up online - so I took the plunge.

Much better
"Plunge" is a good term to use. It kind of feels like standing at the edge of a bungee jump and hoping that everything works the way it should. :-)
Richi just pushed my buttons with that post! Makes me want to go and buy SSD like if there is no tomorrow...
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