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Best video yet of the Vulcan's 2011 display routine. Shows off the new spiral climb and the nose-high landing taxy.
Nice job, pseudonymous YouTube user!
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...and with that, I bid you goodnight, G+ boys and girls. Busy day tomorrow, and it's getting on for midnight here.
The older bombers were elegant and had some style to them. They tried to make them look like larger fighter jets.
A nice way to end the day - A classical aircraft design. Have a good sleep and hope you have a good day tomorrow. Night!
Absolutely, the original British concepts that led to the Concorde were based on the Vulcan B2 wing design. It also had the same engines (albeit with reheat and the fancy intake baffles controlled by analogue computers).
Also, the chap who does the commentaries on XH558 displays made an interesting point about it being stealthy in radar cross-section. Who knew?
Love this plane - I posted a photo with it in the other day
Sometimes the best features just happen as a result of well thought out and elegant design. I guess the same goes for software UI design - G+ good job, FB - time for a radical rethink.
planes are fascinating, i'd suggest the drag race between a bugatti and a typhoon done by the Top Gear crew, great video
Not bad for a design first sketched in 1946. OK, I really am going to bed now...
Night Richi and thanks for sharing this beautiful footage of the classic Vulcan.
Hmm. Can't sleep. But this clip made up for it. Thanks. Very majestic. 
I remember seeing one of these at Hickam AFB in Hawaii back in the late "70's or early '80's. What a beautiful aircraft.
In 2008 they put on a display to celebrate Samuel Cody and the centenary of jet flight by organising a flyover in Farnborough. The event featured various classic planes and the Vulcan. We were there to watch it and I took some photos.

Then the Vulcan flew right over our heads at a seemingly slow speed, and the giant bomber roared towards Farnborough runway. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. The giant bird seemed to graceful to be a lethal bombing machine, I felt sorry for the enemy! 
+Nick Lewis I live about 5 miles from Farnb; I can usually see some of the FIA airshow from a strategically placed field nearby. The Red Arrows are often regrouping over my house for their next pass.
We have been lucky in recent years knowing people whose work is affiliated with the show in some ways. So we had a VIP pass last year for one of the chalets. The food was great too and so was the wine!
Hard to believe the technology of 1946.
Interesting to see the evolution of the delta-wing design from the Vulcan B1 (straight-edged), through B2 (above, S-shaped edge), through Concorde (elongated S, for supersonic flight), to the Space Shuttle (similar shape, for hypersonic gliding).
Edit: this page has an interesting discussion
...and by "S-shaped" I really mean ogival, apparently!
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