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Dell stock to exit market? Are PC sales that bad?
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Well, tablets are taking over the second PC market now and I guess Dell, among others, are suffering deeply.
I don't know if +Michael Dell has anything new and exciting up his sleeve, but I would hope so. +Dell is a good company in many ways, just not design and being at the forefront on technology.

Their tablet failed miserably because people didn't want it. Not it's time to think new, see the trends and go beyond.
Duuuuude, you're not getting a lot of Dell anymore!
I wonder if they are trying to get free to pursue some directions that would make their stockholders nervous?
I think +Dell is probably going to start doing more Enterprise business, as consumers head more and more to tablets and "Ooooh, shiny!" gadgets. That will keep them afloat for a while, but like Research in Motion (the makers of Blackberry), they're going to slowly fade from relevance unless they start making themselves relevant again.
Consumers are accessing the web more and want convenience and portability.  PC's are not in sync with consumer's wants and needs.  Price is also an issue!  Tablets are way cheaper!
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