I updated yesterday's #ITBW  to depersonalize it, and to make it clear that the format is all about what people are saying in blogs and social media. I've also added some more recent commentary, from the likes of +Dan Ramos and +Rafal Los

On balance, the original lede and imagery were inappropriate, as it gave the incorrect impression that I thought Adobe's CSO should be fired. Sometimes, the distinction between my thoughts and the diverse opinions I curate can seem to be blurred. That's not my intent; I'm grateful to those who constructively pointed out how the original could be misconstrued.

Last, but not least: my apologies to Brad Arkin if he felt I was saying it was his fault.¹ Again, I aim to curate a diverse range of Web opinion in these articles. When I occasionally express my opinion, it is clearly marked as such.

¹ -- I've not heard from +Adobe or Brad, but can see how he might be upset.

Edit: But I'm getting fed up with +Rafal Los mischaracterizing this.
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