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The UN and your Business: Why ITU Dubai Loss is your Gain
 ~ So what is the ITU, and why would the proposals have been so damaging to business? Read on!

By +Peter H. Salus for +Forbes / +NetApp Voice
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Can you imagine what countries with poor human rights records would have done to their citizens of this passed.
Much the same as they're already doing, I'd have thought. 
As +Peter H. Salus says: The proposed treaty was a land-grab, moving the ITU into the Internet and the content it conveys. Individual countries...may chose to observe it, bestowing power unto themselves. But this was always possible, as was shown when China blocked Google services in November 2012.
And China has already strengthened its Great Firewall!
Bureaucrats don't activly listern to people so why they would want to read everything they type is beyond me.  Over the years I have learned that politics is the product of media fashion statements and every politician is crap, you just have to pick the shade of brown closest to your comfort or uriah and go with that.

Also have never left a memory stick with politicains details on a train or pub or anywhere, so why do I need another firewall when it is them that need firewalling!

Sorry what was the subject before I engaged rant mode :>
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