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Cloud computing or traditional, on-premises servers?
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+Jarn Vermote You are contradicting yourself on that, a little bit.. You say that you don't trust cloud on info security but you seem to trust opensource, which is known to be vulnerable to hack attacks..
I use cloud services all the time. I personally think that it all depends on what you are doing, but I think cloud is great if you need to expand your abilities very quickly.
+Jarn Vermote 

Well there are systems for open distributed processing, but as one might expect that makes the data public.

I don't know of practical public processing that maintains private data protection at this time.

The cloud solutions that protect data privacy do so by host control and agreement.

I heard recently about some currently impractical encryption that may work some time in the future on special built hardware. Homophonic cryptography I think it was called.

You might be able to obfuscate some data and do some processing but I bet clever people could figure out what it is.

I guess I'm curious what you're trying to do that can't or shouldn't be done client side that you are trying to keep private? Do you have an example? There are some processes at this time best only done on systems directly in your control like data base search queries of a sensitive nature.

I just don't like the idea of relying on someone else s security and promises that much.
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