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Spock through time.
via George Takei (oh my)
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I can honestly say I've never seen an episode of Star Trek in my life but I have met and worked with Spock on his personal projects. Really nice down-to-earth dude. :)
Really 'spocking' awful! lol
+brandon campeaux "down to earth" that's ironic
Benjamin: I never threw up any signs around him. I figured he deals with a constant bombardment of that type and would love not to be accosted every once and a while. :)
Nimoy was quoted a couple of days ago saying "We're talking" about him appearing in the second JJ Abrams Trek movie. Make of that what you will, but seeing as they're already shooting it, anything other than a denial sounds to me like a "yes."
Paper Scissors Rock Lizard Spock!
ben bunlarla büyümüştüm ne günlerdi
Live Long and Prosper certainly has come true for Spock! lol
+Natalie Jackson I think you're onto something. Nimoy does seem to have the longevity of a Vulcan.

Maybe it's because the alien, Spock, is the real one. Nimoy is the character he plays, to hide his true identity in plain site.

It's quite brilliant. But you'd expect nothing less...
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