Well, I signed up, paid my £10, and used it in anger for a few weeks. I even ported my number to it. Sadly, I can't recommend it.

I spend most of my day in a rural location that borders several 2G cells and has no 3G coverage. My phone seemed to spend much of the time switching between cells to get the best signal. All too often, the handover would fail and I would be left with no signal, even though there was plenty of strength and signal quality to be had. 

It's either a problem with the network of Vodafone (the MVNO's host) or with +Ovivo Mobile's authorization server. The latter seems most likely.

3G coverage elsewhere was fine. But if I can't reliably receive calls and texts where I work, despite good 2G coverage, it's a bit of a non-starter.

I've just ported again, to +Three UK. So far so good...
Hey, UK geeps... Do you use +Ovivo Mobile?
Like it? Hate it? Let me know.
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