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"Rainbows, tsunamis and aurora are caused by HAARP"
 :: And chemtrails are real. Who knew? +truTV apparently.

Yeah, and Diana was murdered.
And we didn't land on the moon.
And climate-change is bogus.
And evolution is a UN conspiracy.
And all Americans must be microchipped. 
And 9/11 was a false-flag operation (Boston too)...

Sheesh. Watch this super appeal to critical thinking, from Peter Hadfield...
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Humorously the person who got me believing we never landed on the moon, works for nasa. 
Great video. Some people simply want to believe in silly conspiracies at face value. I guess it makes them feel special or enlightened. Sad. 
This is absolute proof!!  Yes, Proof, I say!!  That conspiracy theories exist!
Anything is possible!
Ok, I love a good conspiracy theory, it's like Monty Python for me, sheer comedy, most of them are so totally debunked nowadays it's amazing they still have followers.

For instance, the faking of the moon landings, since there were only 6 of them, and only a couple of people have actually walked on the moon, I can see why this one is sometimes so seductive, I mean, it's one of mankind's most fantastic achievements, so why not belittle it and bring it back to the level of the ordinary person.

Only almost no one asks perhaps the most obvious and telling question of all, where is the Russian evidence that it was fake?  After all, they tracked every launch, followed the radio traffic, and recorded everything they could, not once, but 6 times, given the state of relations between USA and USSR at the time, if there had been the slightest doubt, then the world would have known, loudly, and clearly, USSR would have seen to that.

The draw of conspiracy theories is that they make you feel that you are privy to secrets that ordinary people don't know about, you're part of a special club.

Don't be fooled they say, listen to us and believe what we say.
But remember not to think critically, or research, because that destroys the illusion.
Conspiracy sites and theories are fun, like an alternative history sci-fi novel. The conspiracy communities (I use that term loosely) also have mythologies and heroes all of their own. For example, UFO conspiracists all "know" that Greys are the bad aliens and the Nordics are the good aliens. lol
If you really want a trip down the fun, mad, yet strangely addicting side of conspiracy theories follow @glptweets on twitter.
You're not paranoid if they really are after you! I may have said too much...
Lmfao..I love it when we Americans think we know what's going on in the world or our country because we read or listened to some opinionated article or news broadcast and then get our feathers in a bunch because we chose a side. Yet when it come to the actual truth no one knows anything. The Government doesn't have to do anything to it's people that it's people aren't willing to do to themselves by themselves. Houdini thought he was the Master at Misdirection, boy he hasn't seen a nation of people do it all by themselves. Lmao.
You just took a side against people who take sides.

It's okay to have an opinion and it's okay to agree with someone else's opinion.

Oh and lmao
Lmao..Yes +Josh Piercefield I did the my common sense side and like they say about opinions...everybody has 1 but it doesn't make it the truth.
That's 100% correct, it also doesn't make yours the truth. That's why they are opinions. 
+Josh Piercefield I'm sorry did I imply my opinion was the truth. Way too much credit but Thank you anyway. To argue about opinions is a tireless argument but thank you for pointing it out. Have a great day.:-)
thanks +JAMES J. JEFFERS an interesting read, ( just wish I didn't hear it in Wheatly's voice inside my head, too much Portal 2 i guess).
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