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SHOCK: New RIM BlackBerry 10/Z10 looks good
 ~ Looks like the Canadian company actually has a chance at competing with the iOS and Android BYOD-fodder. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers link to leaked screenshots and video.

 ~ today's #ITBW for +Computerworld ~ $RIM $RIMM
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So does the suit you are buried in.
that "personal/work" or "personal/really personal" fire-walled division is INNOVATION. Something that a lot of people will find useful. In a few moths, everyone will start to ask why wast't this invented years ago.
+Allen Firstenberg 
+George Kozi you mean like the ability to have 2 user accounts on Android tablets with 4.2...
+George Kozi I have had that function on my Nexus 7 since last November. The difference is that this is generic: you can have 2 people using it, or have an account for work and one for home, or you could have 3 people using it including a kid etc etc.

Still, BB10 is very innovative and a step in the right direction. The market doesn't have a credible third option, but with BB10 people will be able to choose something different than Android or iOS and still have a good system.

+Ben Lloyd Zing!
The bottom line is the brand is so diminished in the market, and it's taken so long for them to get to this point, that even if it is a great little phone, I don't see it having a huge impact in the marketplace at this point. That chance slipped away probably 18 months to two years ago.
Jon D
There have been a few "hot" mobile companies. Nokia,Motorola,blackberry,apple,samsung. But we have yet to see one come back and affect the market like they previously did. Unless someone comes up with something very innovative instead of all this "copycatting". I dont see any big changes of whom the big dogs in the mobile market are, changing anytime soon.
Even if RIM could produce the most innovative phone on the planet, they would be lucky to stop the bleeding and simply maintain their marketshare, which has dropped below 10 percent now. Shifting momentum after such a steep decline is going to prove extremely difficult if not impossible.
+Rick Kraics +Flavio Zanda 
No its not like that. The "Business User" on Blackberry seems to be something completely company administrated. You have no control over it!! This is nothing like Android. Additionally, the user does not have any access to the data of the other account. This too is nothing like Android.
Androids user management is targeting families.
Blackberry allows to have one user completely company administrated and one in your control.
Neither iPhone nor Android is meant for business use (even iPhone tries hard). However, they are replacing Blackberries more and more because the decision makers like to have a toy (and every IT department hates hates hates that). 
If Blackberry can offer a toy and a business device in one, they might just get IT and management on the same page. 
That would have been a great strategy two years ago, but as BYOD takes over, users are choosing that phone, not IT. That has been RIM's problem all along.
+Andreas Harder just to let you know, on Android you have no access to the files of the other user unless you have root privileges. The device supports full encryption, always on VPN and all the SELinux features. The account can be set up so that you can't install or remove apps or create a new account. Also the device can be managed remotely through SSH and other tools.

Android is far from being a toy, it is a Linux distro. I'm not saying that BB10 is less good for business uses, I'm just saying that Android is a very powerful and flexible system that is excellent for businesses.
+Flavio Zanda I stand corrected. I read a while ago on XDA that Android only re-mounts the \data folder (the folder where all the apps save their data). However, I just tried it out on my Nexus 7 and it actually does really mount a completly new partition. Wasn't aware of that (only use one account on my N7).
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