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HP vs. Autonomy: FIGHT! Let's cut to the chase...
 - - HP ain't happy about its 2011 Autonomy buy. Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) accuses Autonomy's ex-management of selling it a pup, alleging dodgy accounting and other naughtiness. But there are two sides to every story—sometimes three. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers seek out all viewpoints.
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Typical HP: it's you and not me. Apparently HP only buys from crooks: Palm, EDS, Autonomy. All written down. Or maybe .. just maybe it's HP.
They overpaid more for Compaq.

Are HP that crap at due diligence? Compaq had a anti fraud department that sold anti fraud products, so this is epicly funny.
Whitman is quoted as saying that the M&A and Due Diligence teams reported to the chief strategy officer (not to the CFO as one might expect).
even HP Chief Financial Officer Catherine Lesjak told the HP board...[it was] "not in the best interests of the company."
Reading between the lines, the acquisition met the strategy, and the strategy trumped the financial objections.

Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Chicken, welcome to your new home. We hope you'll be very happy roosting here...
Funny question: If HP was a bank, which bank would it be?  

Thinking somewhere between Fanny May and Willy Wonker, though thats not a bank I'm aware of :\.
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