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Office 2013 pricing: Huge increases leaked
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The next Office release date is close at hand. Microsoft is going to make the subscription model a no-brainer this time. But beware: The leaked Office 2013 pricing makes it seem that you'll pay a lot more with the subscription model than buying the traditional, packaged software—as much as four times more! In IT Blogwatch, bloggers fire up their calculators (and wonder if it's time to switch to LibreOffice). ~ ~
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Linux continued it's creep along with smart devices.
LOL, I also freely admit that my bias against OO.o is based on woefully out-of-date info.
I have about 5 users in a small co. with libre. 3/4 on office 2010 it works fine cross platform.
Why do we need a new ms office suite? Was there anything wrong with office 2000 or the current version? No! They just want more money.
As I used to regularly say about Apple: "Steve, are you nuts?!"
+Richi Jennings Granted, I don't need to regularly use Office-type software, but when I do, I need it to work, right now, without me yelling at my computer, be it spreadsheet, word processing, or whatever. OO.o has never disappointed.
This Oldman is Completely Dumbshit . He just want more & more money nothing else..
That makes sense, less users(sales) = higher prices.  I agree with +Jared Carlisle , OpenOffice works great, who needs MS Office.
Or higher prices means even lower sales. Makes no sense to me.
I agree +Ron Miller , higher price will just shrink their user base even further. MS is living in the past.
Problem with open office,libre office , Google Drive apps, etc has always been the excel replacement.  Basic spreadsheets are easy but the macros  and VB functionality built into Excel is hard to replicate.
So you buy Excel license for those employees who need them. Most users don't need advanced features in Office though and you can do just fine with the alternatives.
OK, then buy a limited number of Office licenses for those who need it. Most users don't and it's silly to spend the extra money.
So when that macro laden excel file hits the desk of Jane who is using libreoffice then what?
You can read files with a simple reader. If you need the functionality, then you use Office. It's not that complicated.
Wow when was the last time you work at corporate office with people of low technology experience
So the question is this...Just how long are Microsoft's shareholders going to tolerate Ballmer?

To recap: Zune, Microsoft Media misshaps, Vista, mobile market share, Surface RT and now these insane price points for Office? Of course Microsoft is no longer seen as a leader it once was & stock performance has been less than stellar since his stewardship started.
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If I'm a low tech person, I want it simple, not a bloated Office suite with hundreds of features I'll never use.

And by the way, if for example, I'm using Google Docs, and I get a docx file I can read it in Google Docs. If I'm Google Apps corporate user, I get to use QuickOffice, which gives me even more accurate integration. And I'll say it again, if I need more than that, I'll ask my manager to get me an Office license.

But the vast majority of users don't need to deal with macros in Excel. They create very simple documents that don't take advantage of all advanced functionality, or they simply need to review them. And for that price, why should you be giving every user a sledge hammer when a much smaller, less expensive hammer will do.
As I stated earlier its not many features its one feature.  The feature that a piece of software does that you need. Its obvious you haven't been out in the wild for a long time.
As someone who works a day long within Office suites and in an office that relies upon creating high quality reports, LibreOffice is just not up to scratch (yet).

I would love to do away with Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher and the licenses needed but nothing quite compares :-(
You don't buy software based on functions you might use once in a blue moon. You determine which core functions you really need most of the time and find other ways to deal with other issue.
Right, +Keith Patton  and for people like you, you should absolutely have an Office license, but my point is you don't need to buy one for everyone in the company because everyone does need that. 
Actually, everybody does from junior Admin to senior managers.

If the likes of Canonical could really develop and financially support a reliable, functional, professional full office suite perhaps GNU/Linux would make real grounds in business.

At the minute it is all a hodge-podge of packages, some with limited functionality.

Just this week I tried to use Libre Calc for a Uni report and I was completely baffled by the lack of functionality in something as simple as creating/editing charts
I'm not talking about replacing one bloated desktop Office suite with another. I'm thinking about moving to the cloud. I don't doubt that everyone in your company uses Office, but unless yours is a unique use case, I doubt everyone needs it. Marketing, for instance, can write their documents and create presentations online. There are plenty of much cheaper options for those folks who don't require the full fledged power of MS Office. 
Nope, everybody makes use of and requires all those previously mentioned packages (for different reasons)
Excel macros are used in so many places for so many things they shouldn't be... 
b eep
One: Ballmer is nuts. Evidence: just google 'ballmer goes crazy'. Or, take a look at Windows 8 (seems like a fine OS that's been forced to wear stupid clothes, making all the cool kids laugh). Me, I cannot imagine why I would want Office when I have LibreOffice. I do understand that in corporate settings and some other cases, this might not work. But then consider that some major Western governments (Germany, for one) are/have switched to Open Document  Format, that argument starts to hold less water.
Microsoft should do itself a favor and remove cameras from the room when Ballmer enters.
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