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Cisco to dump failed Linksys unit, say rumor-mongers
 ~ Sadly for Cisco CEO John Chambers (pictured), the strategy of moving into consumer and small-business products has lost money. This sale will be the latest in a line of closures and divestitures of Cisco's low-end businesses. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers shed few tears for the purveyor of shoddy products that Linksys has become. ~'s #ITBW at +Computerworld ~ $CSCO
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I agree Linksys and Cicso consumer products suck, and then suck some more.
No, seriously Cisco, eff you and your "cloud is mandatory' approach to authentication, configuration and messing up routers.
The only reason it failed was because CISCO took a great product and ruined it.
Add Cisco to the list of companies companies should not sell out to if they intend to remain going concerns. Right next to Zynga, Hostess Foods and Bain Capital
II wonder if the quality of linksys products will go up...
Linksys routers were the bane of my existence when I did internet tech support, less because of how they worked (or didn't) than because nine out of ten people mispronounced the name. By the time I was at the end of that job, I felt like if one more person said "Lin-ski" I was going to choke a bitch. :-D
Linksys before CISCO took them over did good kit, CISCO borged them and then we started getting locked down cheap hardware that was hacker unfriendly as in was unable to change the kernal/OS to something open source.

Was an expensive customer database for CISCO to buy.
Linksys sucked before Cisco helped them suck even more. I'm a big fan of things that just work. I will be using and recommending Dlink until they let me down.
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