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DUDE! Medicinal marijuana cures obesity?
 :: (apparently, Dr. Briffa did inhale ;-)
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I think marijuana smoke should be used in anti-riot crowd control grenades.

"Kill the pigs"
"Kill the..."
"Pigs....  bacon"
"Bacon...  mmmm"
"Lets eat"
Well, you certainly get a workout with the "puff, puff, pass" method. 
I also heard of you spend all your money on drugs that you can't afford food, that it also can cause weight loss :o).
+Norea Herbrechtsmeier Thats Jita talk that is :P.   Now if you give all yoru house mates pot, you will garantee to lose weight as they will have the munchies and eat all yoru food :-)
This explains why Jeff Spicoli in "Fast times at Ridgemont High" was so skinny. lol
MEDICAL MARIJUANA, people, not RECREATIONAL Marijuana. It's the same pot, but it's your underlying reasoning for taking it.

I was a Hippie when 4 finger bags were $20 and Columbian Red was ubiquitous. And munchies were an Olymipic Sport. Ahhh. The good old days!

Now, I have severe Arthritis in my hips and ankles, and  my liver cannot handle the strain of painkiller opioids. I don't smoke pot, I vaporize it in a $350 gadget to keep soot and carcinogens out of my system, but enable me to ingest 90 of the THC. And I've lost 20# in the last 2 months doing absolutely NOTHING different. I just find that I'm less inclined to "eat for nothing better to do." Food is no longer that interesting. Even my favorites are nice, but nothing to crave or chase. I'm sure not complaining, as I've just gone down a pant size!

It's all in the Intent. If you don't NEED Marijuana, the effects will make you more interested in everything, including eating. When it's truly for MEDICAL purposes, it's effectiveness is being directed in other directions, so your food receptors aren't that stimulated...
(BTW, Vaping, while a bit more time-consuming, will give you mouth flavors you NEVER imagined even existed, as you are inhaling the combusted THC oils from the plant, without combusting the plant matter, sparing you the soot and carcinogens. There is a very noticeable head and body "buzz," but it's not instantaneous. It is more intense than consumables, though, and you don't stink like a funky ashtray. 

Of course, this is wasted on anyone NOT needing it for medical reasons, but just to provide a counterbalance to the "pot head hahaha" replies...

Carry On...
What it does to your lungs outweighs any possible benefits. Same goes for what it does to your motivation. I'm referring to the recreational variety. 
Apparently you can eat cookies with it in, this also has no impact upon lungs, so I have head....
+Jeff Chapman Oddly it depends on what sorts of lungs problems were talking about. If it's cancer, it seems THC causes cell death more often thus reducing cancer risk from smoking. But I suspect emphysema would be a problem regardless (dead lung cells leads to less breathing capacity, right?). What I think can be a take away with this research is how cannabinoids influence behavior in ways that are unexpected. This is largely due to our drug prohibition laws which make it hard for researchers to explore these substances for medical and scientific interests.  
Actualy there was a chap friend knew with with cystic fibrosis and the uk goverment gave him pot to smoke, this was over 16 years ago now.  I also know UniChem have supply in srong room that is used for special prescriptions.  So the UK is not totaly against banning it, just very rare cases thay allow it.

But thats a lung issue that doctors allow its use as it helps, crazy init.
Paranoia is one of nasty side effects.
Only for the paranoid. It merely gives them another excuse...
Just like the gregarious get friendlier.

By and large the effects of Marijuana are WELL DOCUMENTED as feelings of euphoria, dreaminess, and spatial distortions, with a side effect of appetite stimulation and drowsiness. The "nasty side effect" that you are claiming is sadly of your own construct...
I understand where you're coming from but if you want to ignore its dark side then its up to you. It does cause Paranoia, hypertension, delusions, hallucinations, impaired motor and cognitive functions, memory loss, anxiety, panic along with many other well researched and proven side effects. I don't want to be rude and disrespectful but facts are facts. i'm just stating the obvious.
+Sa'ad Suleman People have dark sides, like addiction, greed etc.  Tools are just that, tools.  The side effects you mention are only certain people predispositioned towards such conditions.   Now if you are really worried about side-effects of any drug then read the little multifolder bit of paper in prescription drugs, they list almost everything upto and including death.

If somebody say died from alcohol over use would alcohol be bad or whould it be the person, really is that simple.  Same with guns and other things that can be used, as tools of good or destruction.

I find it crazy to ban something to protect the ignorant against there own shortcommings at the expense of the benifits it brings others.

People have died from drinking too much water, shoudl that be banned and have a warning lable, people do stupid things, dome good some dark. 

So no drug or tool has a dark side, it is just an excuse people use to cover up there mistakes and explain the mistakes of others.  Though easily confused in todays meme news events.
Wow, I turn my back for a day and miss an incredible, intelligent discussion.

For the record, I've never smoked pot, or used it in other ways. I don't condone it, nor condemn those who do.
Once we got past the "ha ha" munchie humor, it did become an interesting discussion.
You get 10 extra Brownie points for "not condemning those who do."

That's the biggest problem with the entire topic, the uneducated masses who DO condemn those who do, regardless the facts, regardless the situation. The word "marijuana," combined with the bad impression idiots on pot have managed to give, have sadly painted the entire subject with a broad brush of condemnation that makes it extremely hard for its benefits to be appreciated.
Oh, and BTW, Richi, I think your somewhat snarky comment, accusing Dr. Briffa of "inhaling" because of the theorem that Pot Smoking may be healthy, IS the exact type of "Condemning those who do," that you blithely deny doing...By insinuating that he "inhales," thereby demeaning the article you link to, it certainly doesn't seem that you support the concept...
Uh, you did read the article, right? Right there in graf #3.
Lmfao..Well the Fore Fathers absolutely thoughts so, so much they written the Declaration of Independence and The constitution on it as well as The first American Flag and own 30acres a piece. Hmmm shouldn't that be enough? 
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